Saturday, September 7, 2019

Change is in the air...!!!

This blog was fun to do and I am glad I put the time into it. I featured a lot of cemeteries and I hope they helped others to find their families.

It is time for me to remove it from the internet and that will happen at the end of 2019. So I urge you to go and copy the pages that you are interested in.

What has happened is that many of the cemeteries are featured on my other blogs: Solomon Goss, The Man Who Lived, The Barclays and the Boardmans and Browns.  So you could go to them and find the pictures again of those cemeteries, maybe not all but most. 

You can also go to Find A Grave and find pictures because I uploaded as many as I could to that website unless there was already a memorial.

I will take the blog, turn it into a Word.doc and then make it into a PDF and it will still be accessible but in a different format. I will have a page at each of those blogs I have listed where an explanation will be made of what has happened and list of the cemeteries featured.

It will be awesome!  Again say goodbye end of 2019!