Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Looking Back over the last 5 years!

This blog was started on July 16, 2010.  My goal back then, was to share photographs of the tombstones pictures and videos I had taken on my travels. Some of these photos were of my own ancestors final resting places and others were for clients.  Many of them were done as cemetery studies looking for ancestors of mine such as my trip to Massachusetts.

Me with my 4 greats Peter & Betty Spracklin - 2011

These tombstones photos were gathering dust on my computer and not being of use to those searching for their ancestors. So I decided to create this blog in order to share those finds.

It has almost been a perfect five years that I have been sharing these cemetery photographs and my visits.  Now in most cases, I did not do a whole cemetery because I didn't really have time when I was traveling. I did strive for overview photographs so that a person could get an idea of what that cemetery looked like and also how to find a publication for that cemetery that could be of help if able to do so.

Over time I have see cemeteries that have been very well cared for and others not so much.  I have seen total neglect. I have seen tombstones stacked on top of each other making it absolutely impossible to read them but other locations where they have attached them to walls of the church or made walls to attached them even broken ones. I have seen how quickly tombstones can disappear into the ground.

I am aware there is a lack of money to care for a lot of cemeteries.  I have seen where people have rallied to care for a cemetery and I see many trying to do so online and on the ground.

I have shared some of my concerns on this blog about preservation of cemeteries and knowing how to care for them.  I am not an expert and I hope to encourage others to learn how properly care for tombstones and have provided some links that might be helpful on the right side of this blog.

The time has come for me to shift my goal to making sure the photos not on Find A Grave that I have are post there. To create memorials at Find A Graves as needed and add to the existing memorials by linking family as best I can and maybe encourage corrections but that might be tough to do.

This blog will continue to remain on Blogger put I will probably not add to it from this time forward, unless I make a great find.

I will add tombstone photos to my other blogs that are listed on the side panel of this blog.  There may be repetition as I post about an ancestor but it will place the ancestor into context and time frame.
My first visit in 2007 to Peter and Betty Spracklin

This blog has been a kick to do.  I have enjoyed it very much.  Alas, I have so much to do on my other blogs that I need to concentrate on them.  I am available if there are questions so please comment.  

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