Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Mound View Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Ohio - Keller Stones....

Mound View Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Knox County, Ohio is a very large cemetery and I made an attempt to find as many of the Keller surname stones as I could but it was a challenge.  I was calling it Mound but the cemetery is listed as Mound View on Find A Grave.  I feel that the person who has been adding names for Keller has done a good job and has been thorough.  There were at least two stones there were totally worn and extremely difficult to read.  Here are two that I was able to get a good photo but they are also on Find A Grave with links to family.

John L. Keller 1841-1927
His Wife
Frances J. 1845 to 1924
Their daughters
Minnie D. 1870-1889
Anna B. 1879-1893

Chris 1874 to 1965
His Wife
Arminta 1878-1970
Their Daug.
Grace 1898-1917

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Mound View Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Ohio

In September of 2011 on my 2nd tour of Ohio, I visited the Mound View Cemetery in both Marietta and Mt. Vernon.  I will be discussing the Mound View Cemetery in Mt. Vernon and share with you my findings.  On that tour I was searching for Keller burials and Delano burials in the Morrow, Franklin, and Knox County areas.  I was not aware of Richland nor Crawford at the time and regret that I should have included them after studying the Keller family on my blog Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio.  The nature of genealogy is always an evolution and you build on what you know.

I had tried to find out more about Columbus Delano and his family and searched for any evidence that he had any interaction with my John and Mary Anne (Delano) Keller family but so far I have not found a link.  

Columbus Delano was very well known in the are of Knox County, a political figure and more. You can Google him and probably get many hits.

Columbus and his family are buried in Mound View Cemetery in the heart of Mount Vernon. This cemetery is just up the street from the public library in Mount Vernon.

I have featured Columbus and other Delanos in Ohio on my Solomon Goss blog. See the post dated April 13, 2014 titled "Columbus and Cornelius Delano of Ohio and other Delano Family," for more information.

I wrote: 

At the Knox County Annex where the Register of Deeds is located you will find big books with pages of deeds involving Delano C. or Delano C. etal… mostly as a grantor.  Unfortunately, no Keller surnames or anything familiar to me appear as grantees.  It would take a really long time to pull all these deeds and review them if you are researching this man.  I decided to take pictures of the indexes and not pull the deeds.  I am grateful to Columbus because while searching deeds in the index I did find some Lake and Goss deeds which I have posted about on this blog....
Find A Grave also has his tombstone and information.  It is a very big cemetery with 17,780 burials.  It is about 80% photographed.  Do your homework before you try to find people in this cemetery because of its size. 

The office of Mound Cemetery is located at the Wooster St. entrance.  The Cemetery office can be of great help so check their hours.

Mound Cemetery is not to hard to find just go up N. Main St. in Mount Vernon and when the road splits you can either go onto Wooster or Mansfield Streets.

Columbus Delano Monument, Mound Cemetery, Knox Co., Ohio

It reads:  The Honorable Columbus Delano Born June 5, 1809, Died Oct. 23, 1896. Elizabeth Delano Born Aug 7, 1812 and died Aug. 5, 1897.  There are more family members next to this large monument. 

In the next post I will share the Keller tombstones I found in this cemetery.