Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Rivercliff Cemetery, Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., Ohio

Back in 2011, I was on a search for Keller tombstones in the Knox, Morrow county areas.  While visiting in Mt. Gilead I went to the Rivercliff Cemetery.

There is a cemetery book for the townships of Gilead and Franklin Townships of which the Morrow County Genealogical Society a Chapter of the OGS has a complete set of all the books.

Source:  Morrow County, Ohio, Tombstone Inscriptions, Volume Six, Gilead & Franklin Twps., published by the Morrow County Genealogical Society, Mt. Gilead, Ohio, 1995. 

There is a cemetery map in the book as well for Rivercliff which is a rather large cemetery with roads inside the cemetery for easy access. The cemetery is located on the east side of Mt. Gilead off of E. High St. on E. Marion St. It is not right on the main road through Mt. Gilead so you do have to look for it.

Overview of Rivercliff Cemetery, Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Overview of Rivercliff Cemetery, Mt. Gilead, Ohio
I only found a couple Keller monuments in Rivercliff cemetery which is featured at Find A Grave. There was one large Keller Monument as you can see in the photograph below. There was nothing inscribed on the backside of the monument. It has a Masonic sign on it which means you might be able to find out more about this monument? There was not much around this stone so a check of funeral or burial records would be in order.

A little ways in front of this monument in the next row were two tombstones for a Earl Keller and a Marguerite Keller. I do not know if they are related to my Keller family.

Marguerite Keller 1897 to 1970

Earl J. Keller, Ohio, Sgt. 305 Repair Unit
Died August 29, 1940, born Jan. 8, 1897
I have added Marguerite's tombstone to her page at Find A Grave which has links to her parents and more.  Earl has a symbol next to him which unfortunately I did not read...hmmmm....!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Forest Cemetery in Fredericktown, Ohio

On September 1, 2011, I stopped in Fredericktown to see it because that is where John Keller and Mary Delano Keller married.  To visit the historical society if possible and view the cemetery looking for Kellers buried there.

I found two Kellers at the Forest Cemetery:

Adam Keller June 22, 1802 to Dec 24, 1878
Sarah Keller Nov. 25, 1805, Nov. 7, 1881
This stone is at Find A Grave with better pictures.  What relationship these Kellers have to my John Keller is unknown at this time.  Adam was born in 1802 and that makes him in the range of a possible sibling to my John Keller born 1810 and both in PA.  Of course this is speculation on my part only and more information about this family would be necessary.