Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Cadaver Dogs for finding Graves...

This article appears in the Upfront Newsletter that I received in my email from The National Genealogical Society.  It was published on September 22, 2014

"Cadaver dogs find unmarked graves in historic Wilmington church cemetery." This was in North Carolina.  Apparently the NC DOT was widening the road and they needed to locate the graves and the sound penetrating radar would not reach certain areas.  There is a video.  I suggest you make a copy for your personal use because these types of articles do go away.

Here is the article from UpFront the blog at the National Genealogical Society that you can sign up for and have articles sent to your email.  This is the link to their original post.

You could also go to YouTube and see the video.  If you put Cadaver Dog into the search engine there you might get some junky stuff so becareful.  I just clicked on the video of the dog.

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