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Tombstone Tuesday: Dunkirk Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio

On my big trip to Ohio in August and September of 2011, I was trying to dig deep into the Keller line of my family.  John Keller my third great grandfather's parentage has been a mystery and has baffled us all.  He married Mary Anne Delano on 15 March 1831 in Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio.  Mary's family has lineage back to Phillip Delano who came to Plymouth on the vessel "Fortune."  There daughter Elizabeth Keller married Daniel D. Spracklin a son of John Andrews Spracklin and Lydia Goss.

This Delano connection has been a focus of my blog postings on the blog Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio who is the father of Lydia Goss.

The very accomplished genealogists encourage studying all the relatives to find clues to the origins of others. So, I have tried to dig further into the lives of John and Mary's children to see if one of them will give me a clue to their father's past.

Daniel and Elizabeth wrote a letter home and Caroline was featured in that letter. Elizabeth was congratulating her about her impending marriage.  "Daniel & Elizabeth's Letter to Home," November 19, 2011 on my The Barclays of Pine River blog features this letter.

This letter motivated me to go in search of Caroline and what happened to her.  I found her final resting place in the Dunkirk Cemetery in Hardin County, Ohio.

Caroline Keller married Joseph H. Van Houten on 1 December 1857 in So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio. They appear in the 1870 U.S. Federal Census in Sandusky Twp., Richland, Ohio and by 1900 they are in Washington Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio. I will be going in more depth on her family on the Solomon Goss blog soon.

I found them by studying the book:  Hardin County, Ohio Death Index 1867-1908, by the Hardin County Genealogical Society, 1998.  
pg. 172 Vanhouten, Caroline, F, 6, 2, 1902 61 y 7m 28d, Hardin Co., Vol. 3, pg. 212; Vanhouten, J.C. May 8, 1883, 24y 2m 12d Hardin Co. Vol. 2, pg. 157.  VanHouten, Joseph Sr. M. Jan 30, 1903 69y 28d, Hardin Co., Vol. 3, pg. 213. 

I found another book at the Mary Lou Johnson Hardin County District Library in Kenton that was a indexing of the actual cemetery and on page 83 the family was listed. "Dunkirk Cemetery, Kenton, Ohio, Hardin Co. Genealogical society 2004."
  • Van Houten, Anna M. 2/13/1867 to 2/16/1950 D1, M-V-p.309
  • Van Houten, Joseph Jr. 1863 to 3/31/1939 D2
  • Van Houten, Maggie 1868 to 10/11/1946 D2
  • Van Houten, Wilbur B. 1865 to 1953 D1
  • Van Houten, Caroline 11/04/1841 to 6/2/1902 Old 51
  • Van Houten, Joseph h. 1/02/1834 to 1/29/1903, Old, 51 (VI-p.174)
Find A Grave has Dunkirk listed but it is only 60% completed and these tombstones are not listed at this time.    Update:  I am incorrect, this family is at Find A Grave in the Dunkirk listing but the name is VanHouten without a space between the n and H.  There are seven VanHouten's listed including Anna Marian Morton and a Reams.  On Caroline's page there is a link to Mary Alice VanHouten Ream at Woodlawn Cemetery.  Very nicely done. 

Dunkirk Cemetery is not small and it was important for me to narrow down where they were located in the cemetery and this book has a map.  They are in D 1, D 2 and the old section which is in the northeastern corner.  The family members are not far from each other.

Dunkirk Cemetery is not too hard to find.  If you are in Kenton, Ohio just go north on State Rte #68. It is 10 miles and about 12 minutes.  You will see it coming up on the left.  The entrance is visible.

Dunkirk Cemetery, Dunkirk, Hardin Co., Ohio

The sun was causing shadows and a little mist, a very nice cemetery.

Another overview of Dunkirk

Wilbur B. 1865-1953 and Anna M. 1867 to 1950.
Joseph H. Jr., 1863 to 1939 and Maggie 1868-1940
These two men above were sons of the couple below. Caroline and Joseph had 5 children: John Charles 1858-1883, Joseph W., Wilbur, Mary Alice and Laura E.
Caroline and Joseph's Tombstone in Dunkirk Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio

Here I am visiting Caroline and Joseph in Dunkirk Cemetery. 

The lighting was tough and so I have tried to get closer:
Joseph H. Van Houten, Jan. 2, 1834 to Jan. 29, 1903 (Co. E121___)
Caroline his wife Nov 4, 1841 to June 2, 1902. 
Joseph was in the Civil War and there is a pension card for him at Ancestry in the US Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files 1861-1934.  Date of filing 1879 Dec 8, E 121 Ohio Inf., 34 Co. 2 Battln, VR6. App#326857 and Certificate 30454.

Genealogybank and do not have great coverage for northeastern Ohio at this time.  So I was unable to locate anything of interest except Joseph's pension was reinstated.  So some more obituary research would be a good thing.  I am also interested in descendants of these families.

Sometimes you just feel happy when you go and spend time with an ancestor even if it was just a short time. Caroline would have been a 2nd great grand aunt to me.

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