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Tombstone Tuesday: Hedding M.E. Cemetery, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio - Mary & John Keller

My third great grandparents John and Mary (Delano) Keller's tombstone is located in the Hedding M.E. Cemetery in So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio out of the view from the road.  You have to enter the cemetery at the gate and walk over the knoll to the other side.

A cousin had sent me a photo of the tombstone and I thought the tombstone was gigantic but it is about my size. In 2007 it was almost overwhelmed by a large rose bush, someone had tenderly planted years ago and it was now jeopardizing the stone. The bush was about to knock the tombstone over.  I did not have tools to cut it back in 2007.  The other problem was that the stone was being taken over by mold and the inscription was getting very difficult to read because of the softness of the stone.

Here I am in 2007 with their tombstone and you can see the bush and the mold.

John Keller (on left) and Mary Keller (on right)  On the left side
Peter Keller their son is listed 2007
When I saw the condition, I looked up the the South Bloomfield Township information on line and asked for help.The person I talked to was a man with the last name of Slack. He had no knowledge of his descendancy from this couple but apparently he did something and took action. I am grateful.

In the photo below it is 2011 with me standing there beside it. You can see that the bush has been removed or cut way back yet still not dead. The mold is there but not as bad because the sun and light can access the stone for it is not shrouded in shade. The tombstone is right on the hillside which is steep.  It is still standing but I am worried about its stability on that slope.  UPDATE:  Lavina Keller Helt's tombstone is to the left behind this large one.  She is their daughter.  A cousin explained to me the problem for the name was misspelled in the records.
John Keller, Mary Delano and Peter Keller
Peter's information was totally covered with mold back in 2007. It is on the left side of the tombstone. I brought clippers with me this time and did a little more pruning but I could see the bush has been chopped way back.

Peter's information covered in mold - 2007

Peter's information covered in mold and I had to push
 the bush out of the way -2007
Peter Keller in 2011 - the mold is much improved but the reading is difficult. 

The Tombstone reads from the cemetery book:
Front left side: Keller, John d. May 4, 1880 Aged 60y 5 m 10 d
Front right side: Mary A., w/o J. Keller, D. Aug. 3, 188? - A 68y3m3d
Peter, d. May 22, 1863 - Aged 34 y 5 m 24d. 

John's side on the left 2007

Mary's side on the right 2007
John, Mary and Peter's tombstone 2011 - a little tilted
To the east is another tombstone and this is another son of John and Mary Keller and Peter's baby brother William Frank Keller and his wife Ida C. This tombstone is so close to the east boundary line you can barely get in front to read it and the bushes shade it.  Here is my attempt on a rainy day in 2007.

Frank and Ida Keller in 2007 
 There are two stones on each side of this large stone with Father and Mother inscribed on the top.
Keller, Frank 1855, 1911 (Father)
Ida C. 1855 to 1930 (Mother)

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