Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio - Finding Greats!

The Lee Cemetery is special to me and many cousins because it is where Peter and Betty (Andrews) Spracklin/len rest.  They are my 4th great grandparents.  They came from Somersetshire, England in 1823 sailing from Bristol to the port of New York.  On my blog:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio I have been posting about his son John Andrews Spracklin and Lydia Goss.  I am now posting about their children and grandchildren.  After I finish with John and Lydia's children, I will begin posting on Peter and Betty Spracklin and sharing my knowledge of them and their children.

Fortunately, I have visited the Lee Cemetery twice and every time, the weather has been fine.  I have dallied because it is a very lovely place to visit.  Horse and buggies go by.  For some reason that makes me feel good to know that they are among gentle people.

You can find other photos of Peter and Betty's tombstone on the Internet but these photos are taken by me, their descendant.  I dedicate them to all my Spracklin/len and Goss cousins, especially those who will not be able to visit this grave site.  This tombstone is not very big.  It comes to my hip and you can almost miss it.

Front of Peter & Betty Spracklen's Tombstone 2007
The base of Peter & Betty Spracken's tombstone
Erected by their son the Rev. A. Spracklen
The top part of Peter & Betty Spracklen's Tombstone
Peter Spracklen born Dec. 20, 1774 died Oct. 26, 1845, he was 71 yrs old
Betty Spracklen born June 6, 1771 died Nov. 13, 1860 she was 89 yrs old. 

Backside of Peter & Betty Spracklen's Tombstone 2007
Me, Bonnie, next to Peter & Betty Spracklen's tombstone 2011
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