Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Cemetery Vandalism Please Help to Stop It!

Lately it seems that I have been hearing news of more cemetery vandalism and actually repeat episodes. Yes, they vandalised one cemetery and then came back!  Please read these articles now because news articles tend to go away in time and I cannot guarantee the links.

I don't have photos today.  I do have cemetery pictures with toppled stones but it is difficult to know if that was vandalism or the weather?  So I don't feel comfortable showing them.

Cemetery Depot has an interesting article about this type of crime. If caught they are charged as a felony?

Friends on Facebook have mentioned these acts of crime in their locations.

This is the article about the Claremont Cemetery in New Hampshire.

Macomb County was hit.  It is in Detroit.  It was a small cemetery and all the stones were toppled, which means it was completely destroyed.

On USLegal they have an article about what the definition of Vandalism is and the laws around it.  It varies from state to state.

The problem is that unless someone steps forward to help in the repair of the damaged stones there is usually little money to fix the mess left by these criminals.

In this article someone was not happy with the cemetery itself and its response to his plea for help.

Here they arrested a person but I found this online under images.  Is this giving a budding criminal his spotlight?

This problem is more widespread than one may think.  I just Googled "cemetery vandalism" and found the above articles and then I did it again requesting images.  

How can we as concerned citizen's and genealogists help to stop this problem?  I live in a big city and most of the cemeteries have security, fences and are looked after.  The ones that seem to be targets are small and out of the way.  Does anyone have any ideas, please comment.

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