Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Old Goss Cemetery south of Harveyville, PA Continued

Some how you probably know that this makes me very sad and helpless because my family is buried there and the areas history is buried there.  Unfortunately the Susquehanna River flooded a few years back and Shickshinny was almost destroyed.  This means that the residents are preoccupied with rebuilding.

Here are some more overview photos you can see the height of the bushes, some tombstones peeking out and if you look at the middle one you can see that is goes further down the little hill I had climbed to from the gate back under the trees.  There was a chain link fence along the sides and back of this cemetery.  I did not venture too far from the top of the hill.  If you can find the gate you can find the cemetery.

Here are some stones I was able to photograph:

Titus Seward, his father Enos married Sarah Goss Born 9 July 1783 died 24 Apr 1851 

This has a newer plaque beneath it - John Dodson

To the south, they may let you park?  Ask nicely. The cemetery is to the right of this picture near the road.

Thomas Dodson 

Robert Wilson.....

Solomon Bonham
Sophie B daughter of Stephen
You see the little US Flags here and there so someone does come to visit on occasion.

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