Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: The Old Goss Cemetery south of Harveyville, PA

In the last post I shared my post from my blog "Pennsylvania Wanderings," and my visit to this cemetery.  I also gave some ideas for publications for this cemetery.  I have started carrying some tools with me for clipping grass and cutting foliage but because I don't live in the area I try not to do much to disturb the cemetery.

This map was interesting, it is almost like a survey was done at some time. I did not see a date.

Here are more overall photos from that visit in 2008.

Remember this was the situation in 2008.


  1. I love the photos, over here in Australia we have heaps of these old un kept cemeteries all over the place. recently I started a blog which I am sharing all of our travels, if you would like to have a look our blog spot is
    its still a great pleasure to be able to go to these places and share them with other.

  2. Welcome from Australia. I am glad to hear that you are taking an interesting in the cemeteries there. They contain a lot of history and need to be cared for.

  3. Thanks for the interest, and the photos.
    There is more to the old site: did you find the slabs/markers dedicated to the veterans of the revolutionary war? there are also, I think, Native American graves there too - from about the period of the War of 1812 - if the story was correct, as well as a little girl who perished in the raids.

  4. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am sure there is much much more but I was hesitant to venture too far into the bushes the first time I visited someone was waiting for me. I did see signs of the Flag flapping. The second time the dog was probably friendly but I didn't wish to push it and I had to move on. I did not realize that there were Native American there? Thanks.

  5. hi bonnie,i am working on clearing and restoring the old goss cemetery.we purchased the property before were the dog was.if your are ever traveling in this area again you are welcome to stop email is

    1. Hello G: I tried to remove your email but it won't let me edit your comment. This is great news. I would like to visit again but it is probably not going to happen. We will see. I hope that once you get it cleaned up you can keep it that way. Unfortunately, I believe a lot of the stones are broken and lost. I found most of the information at the Luzerne Historical Society. They have a cemetery file you can tape into to see who has read the cemetery in the past and written it up. Thanks so much for doing the cleanup. Bonnie