Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Scott/Waterton Cemetery, Luzerne Co., PA #5

The most important stone in the Scott/Waterton Cemetery in Huntington Mills Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania is the one that starts with Hannah Goss and features Nathaniel Goss and his mother Mary. Paul H. Goss traveled to this same cemetery and viewed these stones.  He was trying to unpuzzled the Goss Family lineage.  Go here to the Family History Library online version of two of his manuscripts:

Mary is my 5th great grandmother and wife of Phillip Goss of Brookfield.  They came to the area around the Susquehannah River  in 1769 and he died by November of 1778.  His grave is missing and there is a big story around his death with some controversy.

As you face the older section of the cemetery you see this view with the name GOSS:

Coming up on the Goss Tombstone

You approach and can see more details:  (Blogger will not allow me to fix this and it distorts the picture.   Click on it and it should be okay.  If not let me know.  It is affecting these two sideways photos.  I also had to reload all my photos for this post).

Closer yet:  (Blogger will not allow me to fix this).

First the detail for Hannah Goss:

Second is the detail for Nathaniel Goss SR:

Third is the detail at the bottom for Mary Goss:

Me at the tombstone on a very happy day! Standing next to the tombstone of Mary and Nathaniel and Hannah.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any tombstone for Obadiah Scott Sr. in this cemetery or any other in the area.  He would be Hannah's father.

For further information about the Goss family and collateral lines go to my blog:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. in Ohio:  I have not posted on this part of the Goss family history but will do so within the coming months.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Scott/Waterton Cemetery, Luzerne Co., PA #4

There is one stone in this cemetery that is very important to the Goss family history.  This stone has many sides and one of the sides features the son of Nathaniel Goss and Hannah (Scott) Goss and Mary Goss the mother.

Abie Goss, Thankful and Nathaniel Goss Jr.

The stone reads:  Abi Goss, Born Feb. 8, 1827 died Aug. 14, 1829.  Thankful Goss, born Sept. 20, 1785, died May 11, 1869. Nathaniel Goss Jr. born April 14, 1785, died Jan. 24, 1854.

David Goss is on the side of this stone and a little difficult to read.

David Goss born at Huntingon Mills April. 19, 1830, Died May 10, 1899. 
Here is a better photo for reading David's stone.

A smaller stone for Nathaniel Goss Jr. see the above tall stone starting with Abi Goss.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Scott/Waterton Cemetery #3

These stones were around the Goss tombstones. Some of the names are familiar like Fellows and Tubbs.

The first photo is looking towards the rest of the cemetery and shows a lot of the space between the stones and of course the broken stones.

The Fellows family interacted with the Goss in the Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA area.  Nathaniel Goss (1817-1887 buried in Pine Grove Cemetery) married Harriett Fellows on 15 July 1875. He married twice another wife was Lucy Fuller. He was the son of Nathaniel Goss Jr. and Thankful Forbes.  He is the grandson of Nathaniel Goss and Hannah Scott Goss.

Harriet's father was Andrus Fellows and here is his tombstone:

Andrus Fellows (1792 to 1877)

This is Sally Andrus' wife and a Lewis Fellows large tombstone:

Sally (Smith) Fellows (1793 to 1872)

A smaller stone for Lewis Fellows

Lewis Fellows (1827 to 1830)

Sarah and Abiel Fellows stones

Sarah (1802-1868) and Abiel M. Fellows (1800 to 1845) 
Find A Graves has this Scott Cemetery listed:

Capt. William Tubbs tombstone is next.  There might be a connection to the Goss family?

Capt. William Tubbs (1807-1865) 

I am not up on the Fellows and Tubbs family, I just knew there were possible connections both family and land.