Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tombstone _______: Scott/Waterton Cemetery #2

Well, I missed the Tuesday label for this week on posting, I have been busy.

The Scott/Waterton Cemetery in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania is set on a hill overlooking the area.  Here is the sign. These photos were taken in 2007.

Scott Waterton Cemetery Sign overlooking the hills of Luzerne Co., PA

Here you see the road that you can access to get closer to the stones.

The road through the cemetery, starts on the left. 

You need to use the road because there is a lot of land in the cemetery that is open.

The stones are down from the sign off in the back area of the property.

More overview photos.  The first is looking towards the older section, back under the trees.

You can see the road from the earlier photo, this is facing in the opposite direction 

The newer area
The older section:

Empty spaces were stones are missing?

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