Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Cemetery, Hardin County, Ohio more stones...Lawrence

The tombstones of Samuel and Elizabeth (Spracklen) Lawrence are also part of this cemetery.  Elizabeth was a daughter of Peter and Betty Spracklen and sister to John Andrews Spracklen.

Here is Samuel's tombstone:

Samuel Lawrence Aug. 9, 1881 86 y8m7d

Closer to Samuel's tombstone

Elizabeth Lawrence, wife of  S. Lawrence, died Jan. 7, 1881???
Father and Mother - LAWRENCE

Something is not right with Elizabeth's information.  In the publications I have the information says 1881 and 29 yrs which does not make sense for Elizabeth was born in 1801.  The other publication does not even have the Lawrence's listed.  I am incorrect, they are listed there on page three.  Elizabeth reads 1/18/1881 age 29y4m6d w/o Samuel.  The age of this women means she was born 1852 which is not the Elizabeth Spracklin who was born 1801?  Is it possible the age is incorrect or do we have another Elizabeth? Find A Grave does not have photos of these tombstones.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio Continues - Spracklin & Cook

The Lee Cemetery in Hardin County, Ohio is also home to several of the tombstones of Peter and Betty Spracklen's children.  I have shared their son the Rev. Alfred Spracklen's and his wife Abigail's stone in the last post.

Here we have the tombstone of Sylvanus and Anna (Spracklen) Cook.  Sylvanus is very easy to read but Anna's is very difficult.  There are also other tombstones of this family in Lee cemetery and here are two of the children Peter and George.  Sylvanus and Anna had six children that I know about: Nelson, John, Langfield, George James, Peter S and Mary P.A. Cook.  I have not spent a great deal of time on Anna's descendants so please by all means check what you find here.  Ann or Anna would be a third great grand aunt to me and sister of John Andrews Spracklin as well as Alfred.

The publications and Find A Grave are not complete transcriptions of this cemetery and it is very difficult to read the inscriptions because of the lighting and orientation of the stones.

Sylvanus Cook born Apr 14, 1807, died Nov. 9, 1892
Anna Spracklin Cook born 14 June 1805 and died 2 Oct. 1887

Peter S. Cook son of S. & A. Cook aged 7 yrs 14 ds?

George J. son of S & A Cook, aged 4 yrs 8 m?
Large gray stone:  Nelson M. Cook  Feb 4, 1881 age 50y2d Co. G 135 Reg GAR
and Susanna his wife, Aged 77 y 7 m 2 ds, died Nov 1, 1914.
The stone to the left with the flag and star:  Cook, N.W. Co. G 135 Inf. Ohio
The color stone in the back is: Emma C. Cook 1867 to 1926 Mother & Willis A. Cook 1858 to 1935 Father.
A son of N & Suzanne.  The stone to the right reads Mother and I cannot make out the other one to its right?.
The stone on the left behind the flag is this stone:
may be Asher N. Cook,  Feb 1, 1871 s/o NW &S age 3y3m20d.
I will be posting more on these families in a few months when I write about Peter and Betty (Elizabeth) Spracklin and the siblings of John Andrews Spracklin.  I am currently posting about John and Lydia's Spracklin's children.  You will find more on these families on my blog:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., In Ohio.  Go to the right side of this blog and you will find a link.

It would be interesting to obtain the Civil War files of these men, I have not done so at this time.

Susanna wife of Nelson was a Dildine and there are Dildines buried in this cemetery but I do not know her relationship to them.  This couple is very old so it is possible they are her parents, but I do not know that for sure?

Dildine, Allen June 23, 1898 age 92y 1d
and Mary June 20, 1877 age 72y2d w/o A.D.
There is a mention of William Dildine in the publication I have of this cemetery
Dildine, William Co K 180 Ohio Infantry

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio - Alfred Spracklen....

Peter and Betty Spracklen's tombstone is next to their son the Rev. Alfred Spracklen. I have not posted on the Solomon Goss blog about this man but I will for he was quite active in the Hardin County and other counties northwestern Ohio.  Alfred is buried in the Lee Cemetery close to his other relatives.  Peter and Betty had 9 children.  Alfred is a younger brother to John Andrews Spracklen, my 3rd great grandfather.

Rev. Alfred Spracklen died Jan. 22, 1878 aged
67 Yrs, 2 Mos. and 10 Ds.

A little bit closer to Rev. Alfred Spracklen's info
On the other side of the stone is the information for Abigail, his wife.

Abigail, wife of Rev. A. Spracklen died Oct. 7, 1879
aged 68 Yrs 4 Mos. 1 D.

Closer to Abigail's information
Unfortunately the top round finial was broken off and laying on the ground next to this large stone.  The stone is in good condition except for that one problem.  You can see it is missing in the 2nd photo below.

Here I am standing next to both in 2011.  It was a lovely gorgeous day in Hardin County, Ohio:

Abigail's side of the stone

Alfred's side of the stone

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio - Finding Greats!

The Lee Cemetery is special to me and many cousins because it is where Peter and Betty (Andrews) Spracklin/len rest.  They are my 4th great grandparents.  They came from Somersetshire, England in 1823 sailing from Bristol to the port of New York.  On my blog:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio I have been posting about his son John Andrews Spracklin and Lydia Goss.  I am now posting about their children and grandchildren.  After I finish with John and Lydia's children, I will begin posting on Peter and Betty Spracklin and sharing my knowledge of them and their children.

Fortunately, I have visited the Lee Cemetery twice and every time, the weather has been fine.  I have dallied because it is a very lovely place to visit.  Horse and buggies go by.  For some reason that makes me feel good to know that they are among gentle people.

You can find other photos of Peter and Betty's tombstone on the Internet but these photos are taken by me, their descendant.  I dedicate them to all my Spracklin/len and Goss cousins, especially those who will not be able to visit this grave site.  This tombstone is not very big.  It comes to my hip and you can almost miss it.

Front of Peter & Betty Spracklen's Tombstone 2007
The base of Peter & Betty Spracken's tombstone
Erected by their son the Rev. A. Spracklen
The top part of Peter & Betty Spracklen's Tombstone
Peter Spracklen born Dec. 20, 1774 died Oct. 26, 1845, he was 71 yrs old
Betty Spracklen born June 6, 1771 died Nov. 13, 1860 she was 89 yrs old. 

Backside of Peter & Betty Spracklen's Tombstone 2007
Me, Bonnie, next to Peter & Betty Spracklen's tombstone 2011
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio

The Lee Cemetery is in Hardin County, Ohio southeast of Kenton.  The sign is on the south of the cemetery so it lies south to north.

Here are some more overview photos from both my 2007 and 2011 visits. Try Find A Grave for a listing for this cemetery.  The Hardin County Genealogical Society also has more information. This cemetery has Spracklin/len burials and others like Cook, Lawrence and more. It is very peaceful there and well cared for which pleases me greatly.  The stones do show signs of wear and tear and they also are breaking down as I will show in the next posts.

Looking south toward the road and sign to the Lee Cemetery 2007
Lee Cemetery - north end where the Spracklin Stones are located 2007
Looking west in the Lee Cemetery

Looking southeast in the Lee Cemetery 2011

Looking southeast toward the Spracklin Monuments 2011

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio

The Lee Cemetery in Dudley Township, Hardin Co., Ohio is very special to me.  Buried there are my 4th great grandparents and some of their children.  Their son John Andrews Spracklin would be my 3rd great grandfather and he is buried in Green Valley Cemetery northeast of Mt. Vernon in Knox Co., Ohio.  I have posted about that cemetery in the past on this blog.

The Lee Cemetery is southeast of Kenton, Ohio the county seat of Hardin County.  It is set in a lovely area off the main road and I have had the good fortune to have visited this cemetery twice.  One time as I was viewing the tombstones a man with a horse and carriage came by.  The second time I was there another horse and carriage when by, but this time there were two boys and one girl.  I believe it is Amish country? I waived at the boys and girls and nodded at the man.  I did sneak one picture of the man in the carriage from a distance.

Find A Grave has a listing and tombstone pictures for the Lee Cemetery at:

I visited there in 2007 and again in 2011. I wrote about my visit to Ohio in the blog Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio.  You can find the link on the right side of this blog to that blog.  I am currently sharing about the children of John Andrews Spracklin and Lydia Goss.  They would be Peter and Betty Spracklin's grandchildren. This cemetery is well cared for and in pretty good shape. The map below is from Microsoft's Streets & Trips and is from my trip in 2011.  I am a bit obsessed about driving around and don't rely on GPS. To get to the cemetery from Kenton take the main road east out of town - E. Franklin St. It turns into State Rte. 309.  Go a little ways about 1 mile and I turn right onto CR-144 and it goes southeast till it curves west and you pass the Morrison Cemetery and just before you come to Hepburn you will find the Lee Cemetery on your left.  It is about 6-8 miles southeast of Kenton?

Lee Cemetery sign 2007

Horse and buggy on the road near Lee Cemetery

Overview of the cemetery and where Spracklin's lie. 
Hepburn, if you end up here you went to far east and will need to go back to find the cemetery. 

Hepburn, Ohio
Me and my 4th great grandparents, Peter and Betty Spracklin 2007.
Peter and Betty Spracklin came from Pitney, Somersetshire, England leaving out of Bristol, England with most of their children in 1823 to the United States. On the Solomon Goss blog I discuss their immigration and their son John's. John came to the United States in 1817 with his aunt Anne Andrews Rood, sister to Betty. The Roods settled in Marietta, Ohio in Fearing Twp. near Solomon Goss.  John married Lydia Goss in Washington Co., Ohio and they went to Knox Co., Ohio to settle on land that her father Solomon Goss purchased and gave to her in a deed in 1815. John and Lydia were there in Knox Co. about 1823 according to tax records and Peter settle there as well till he moved to Hardin Co., Ohio.  I believe he received the land in Hardin from his father-in-law John Andrews.  The other possibility is that the inheritance from John Andrews allowed him to purchase the land in Dudley Twp. in Hardin Co. I am still working on figuring it out.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Cemetery Vandalism Please Help to Stop It!

Lately it seems that I have been hearing news of more cemetery vandalism and actually repeat episodes. Yes, they vandalised one cemetery and then came back!  Please read these articles now because news articles tend to go away in time and I cannot guarantee the links.

I don't have photos today.  I do have cemetery pictures with toppled stones but it is difficult to know if that was vandalism or the weather?  So I don't feel comfortable showing them.

Cemetery Depot has an interesting article about this type of crime. If caught they are charged as a felony?

Friends on Facebook have mentioned these acts of crime in their locations.

This is the article about the Claremont Cemetery in New Hampshire.

Macomb County was hit.  It is in Detroit.  It was a small cemetery and all the stones were toppled, which means it was completely destroyed.

On USLegal they have an article about what the definition of Vandalism is and the laws around it.  It varies from state to state.

The problem is that unless someone steps forward to help in the repair of the damaged stones there is usually little money to fix the mess left by these criminals.

In this article someone was not happy with the cemetery itself and its response to his plea for help.

Here they arrested a person but I found this online under images.  Is this giving a budding criminal his spotlight?

This problem is more widespread than one may think.  I just Googled "cemetery vandalism" and found the above articles and then I did it again requesting images.  

How can we as concerned citizen's and genealogists help to stop this problem?  I live in a big city and most of the cemeteries have security, fences and are looked after.  The ones that seem to be targets are small and out of the way.  Does anyone have any ideas, please comment.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Green Valley Cemetery, Knox County, Ohio cont'd...

Why does it make me happy when I find an ancestor's final resting place.  I have been doing that lately online but there is nothing like visiting a particular cemetery, the fragrance, the earth beneath your feet, the birds and in some case the cattle lowing, the cars or carriages that pass by.

I had that opportunity in 2007 and 2011 to visit the Green Valley Cemetery in Knox County, Ohio.  My 3rd great grandparents rest there, John Andrews Spracklin and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin.  There daughter Ida is next to them and Lydia's brother Noah is also beside them. I wish I knew why he died so young but the A journal of the Knox County, Probate Index is missing. I asked about that in Mt. Vernon and the Knox County Annex and the clerk made a face.  I have not been able to find any obituaries but then the newspapers in the area are spotty in their runs and they probably didn't do that in 1833.

I posted a map to the Green Valley in the last post.  It is a two lane road that meanders along and you come upon the cemetery on your right if you are going west.  You can't miss it.

The first time I visited was with a cousin and it was pouring rain.  The year was 2007.  She jumped out and tried for a picture of the tombstones.  Don't worry we went back several times to visit.

Green Valley & Cochran 2007

Green Valley Cemetery from the road 2007

Green Valley some stones 2007. It is well kept. 

Green Valley 2011 - Looking toward the church, no records there it was established in 1857? 
Noah Goss, Lydia and John Spracklen, Ida Spracklen. 
Noah Goss tombstone -You can see it is flaking but someone repaired the base?

John Spracklen Tombstone

Lydia (Goss) Spracklen Tombstone

Ida Spracklen Tombstone
  starts 2nd name down:   Goss, Noah d. 7/18/1833 a. 51y
  Spracklen, Lydia d. 1-19-1851 a. 57y-7m-11d
   (wife of John Spracklen)
  Spracklen, John d. 2-6-1862 a. 67y-27d
  Spracklen, Ida d. 6-7-18?? a. 10y
     (dau. of J.A. & L. Spracklen)

More overview photographs taken in 2011.  It is very lovely there and peaceful.  For information about the burials in this cemetery, I refer you to my previous post on this cemetery. Detailed information about these indivduals is at my blog:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio

This visit there was no rain, in fact, there was a little sunshine.

Well, I think I am going to have to go back.  I was thinking I could combine western Ontario with a little of northern Ohio in 2014 or 2015?  Ponder... ponder...????

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Green Valley Cemetery, Knox County, Ohio

The Green Valley Cemetery is a very special place for me and all my cousins.  It is where John Andrews Spracklin/len and Lydia Goss Spracklin/len are buried.  They are my 3rd great grandparents.  Their daughter Ida is also buried there. Lydia's brother Noah is buried there.  It is a lovely cemetery northeast of Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

The surname Spracklin (my way of spelling it) can be spelled with the "e" Spracklen.  It can also be spelled other ways that are very creative by the indexers, clerks and more.

I have had the good fortune to visit this cemetery twice. The first time with my cousin in 2007 after the FGS Conference (Federation of Genealogical Societies) that held its gathering in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Allen County Library was right there and they had just finished remodeling their building.  It was beautiful and crowded with attendees. So it was good planning on my part to return after I had taken by trip to Ohio. I got the chance to do more research in the library's wonderful genealogical center.  FGS returned to Fort Wayne for their 2013 Conference.

Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana
I also took advantage of the closeness to Michigan, while visiting Fort Wayne, Indiana, and traveled to visit the graves of Lydia's brother Levi Goss in Lenawee County, Ohio at another Goss Cemetery.  I then sought out my cousin a descendant of Levi, Flora Montanye Osborn's gravesite in the Rice Cemetery.  Flora wrote articles on her Goss lineage back in the 1940's.  I posted about this cemetery on this blog in the posts dated October 30, 2012 "Tombstone Tuesday: Goss Cemetery, Lenawee Co., Michigan." October 16, 2012 "Tombstone Tuesday: Goss Cemetery, near Morenci, Lenawee Co., Michgan."  Flora Montanye Osborn has a page at the Solomon Goss Blog.

The second time was in 2011 when I made my big trip to Ohio, concentrating on it only.  I revisited a lot of locations like Kenton, Mt. Vernon, Knox County,  and added other locations like Ravenna, Columbus, and Marietta, Ohio.

I did not blog about that first trip but did share a little about my visit in a variety of posts on different blogs that I am writing. I did blog about the second trip to Ohio taken in 2011.  I wrote about it in my other blog: Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., In Ohio:

Did you notice my 3rd great grandmother Lydia's maiden name?  Yes, it is Goss.  Solomon Goss was her father the title of that blog. The dates of the trip are July and August of 2011.  Go to the Archives on the Solomon Goss blog and click the months that I give here.  It should take you to the posts I wrote about my trip to Ohio in 2011.

Green Valley Cemetery, Northeast of Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio
I wrote on the Green Valley Cemetery. combining it with the other posts on John and Lydia Spracklin. You will see some of the same photographs of this Green Valley Cemetery posted here.

I am sharing these photos from 2007 and 2011 for the benefit of all those who are really not interested in Spracklins but the other people buried in this cemetery.  Now I did focus on my family but on my second trip I tried to get an overview of the cemetery.

How to get to the Green Valley Cemetery in Knox Co., Ohio
Here are some resources in finding tombstones in Ohio and more:

"Ohio Cemeteries:  1803 to 2003," compiled by the Ohio Genealogical Society, Editor K. Roger Troutman.  This book has the address of Mansfield, Ohio were the OGS - Ohio Genealogical Society was originally located. This book is a detailed listing of the cemeteries in Ohio. It lists the cemeteries by county and then township.  OGS has since moved to Bellville, Ohio and are in a very lovely building. I arrived a little before they opened in the early morning.

Ohio Genealogical Society, Bellville, Ohio

Couldn't resist showing you the inside.  Very pleasant to do research at this lovely facility.  
Another resource is the cemetery books published for Knox County by the Knox County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.  "Cemetery Records of Knox County, Ohio," Volume I (several more volumes available), 1991.  You can find them at the genealogical society or the Mt. Vernon Public Library, OGS and many other archives and societies in the State of Ohio. Volume I covers the Green Valley Methodist.

You can go here to get an online listing :  You will find Lydia, John and Ida along with Noah Goss listed under Row 14.

Find A Grave also has a listing of about 366 tombstones with 81% photographed.

On the second trip in 2011, I was all over a great many cemeteries looking for Keller's.  John and Lydia's son Daniel is my 2nd great grandfather and he married Elizabeth Keller in Morrow County, Ohio in 1852.  I will write about those visits to various cemeteries in Knox and Morrow County in later posts.

Don't forget go to the Solomon Goss blog at for more information on the Spracklins, Goss and allied families.