Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Old Winslow Cemetery, Marshfield

On our way back to Boston in 2003, to attend the conference, we drove north to Marshfield.  I was curious about the cemetery in that town. Susanna White had remarried to Edward Winslow who also lost his first wife in that first winter in Plymouth.  See the plaque above - click and it will open but depending on your browser either click back or close out the page at the top.

I wrote about our visit in my journal Trip to New England May/June 2003:

Friday started out a beautiful sunny day on Cape Cod. I could not find a cloud in the sky.  We had to go back to Boston.  We checked out at 10 am as was required and made our way back to Plymouth.  After a few stops here and there for supplies and things we headed north.  We took the turn off to Marshfield so that we could find the Winslow house. (See photos below) It was wonderful and much larger than I had anticipated. I stood on my tiptoes to try and see inside the windows. You can go on tours of this wonderful house built in 1699 but it was not open yet for the season.  The house was built by Isaac Winslow a grandson, I believe of Josiah Winslow a son of Susanna and Edward Winslow.  She had remarried after the death of William White.  The Winslow house is close to land owned by Resolved White and Peregrine White so it was good that I at least visited.  We also stopped at the Winslow Cemetery and saw Daniel Webster’s grave site and Isaac Winslow's but the stones were so old and broken it was hard find graves.  No one knows were Susanna is buried.  No one knows were Resolved is buried either.  I have read that he probably died in Salem.  These people of course are my Mayflower connections. Winslow House 1699

Find A Grave: Winslow Cemetery, Marshfield  

Overview of the Winslow Cemetery

The Monument to the Early Settlers

Isaac Winslow House

Wikipedia has an article on Edward Winslow who is a very interesting man:  The article does give the children and there is a link to Josiah that leads to Issac Winslow:  Edward Winslow

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: National Monument to the Forefathers, Plymouth, MA

Because so many of the Mayflower passengers and some of their descendants final resting places are unknown the next best offering to their memories are monuments. 

In Plymouth, Massachusetts there is the National Monument to the Forefathers a very imposing tribute.  I visited this monument in 2003.

This video on You Tube is very good and it explains the monument to some degree and were it is located.  It is a slight bit political:

From Destination Plymouth Co., MA:

Monument to the Forefathers, Plymouth, MA

Closer yet to the Monument

The statue on top

The first list of the passengers
2nd list - William White is 5th from the bottom above the paragraph.
They include his sons
One of several murals with subjects like Liberty another was Education
The first inscription with two of the statues the one on the right is Morality