Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mayflower & More...

Back in 2003, I had the opportunity to visit Plymouth and Boston, Massachusetts.  My husband had a conference to attend and I tagged along. 

Me outside the Mayflower House Museum 2003
I was in search of my Mayflower lineage and so I was curious about all the Mayflower history and wanted to see it for myself. 

We rented a condo on Cape Cod with our condo club ownership and used my husband's accumulated hotel points to pay for the expensive hotel in Boston.  Staying on Cape Cod (South Yarmouth) gave us easy access to the whole Cape Cod experience.  We traveled up the peninsula to Provincetown stopping at various lighthouses along the way.  We explored Provincetown and visited several more monuments ending up in a restaurant with a martini bar.

Most of the time we drove up to Plymouth to sight see in and around the town.  I did research at the Mayflower Library annex behind the big Mayflower Museum House.  I highly recommend it for it is like one stop shopping for New England Titles even though you may find these titles in most very large libraries, archives and genealogical societies like the New England Historic and Genealogical Society. Also stop and take the tour of the Mayflower House Museum.

Here some links that are well worth exploring: 

General Society of Mayflower Descendants:

Plimouth Plantation is worth the visit, plan to be there all day if not more:

This website is the Town of Plymouth and it gives a list of other museums and more to investigate like the Pilgrims Museum:

National Monument to the Forefathers and I will share my photos with you in a next post:

The ship a replica of the Mayflower is anchored in the harbor and fun to explore.  Mayflower II is worth taking a tour but be prepared to explain where you come from to the crew.  The Pacific Northwest was not known in 1628 and I had trouble figuring out what to tell him the actor playing a part.  He did very well and showed me no mercy.  He was finally okay with we mentioned California.

Mayflower II
Oh yes, we did visit Plimouth Plantation and spent a good day there walking around and seeing the sights.

As I recall we wandered the very large cemetery up on the hill in Plymouth called Burial Hill.  It looked out on the landscape and some of the headstones were amazing.  I studied the names and dates while my husband talked on his cellphone. HA! There are other cemeteries in the area like: Vine, Oak Grove, St. Joseph, etc.

We headed back to Boston for the conference and traveled up through South Duxbury to Marshfield and on to Scituate having lunch at a cafe there.


  1. Bonnie, what fun to look into your past vacation, and you know what, very little has changed. Thanks for your photos and links.

    1. A few more posts on this subject to come. I was so genealogically green back then. I was walking by books in the Mayflower annex and saw "SAVAGE." Back in the 1930's and 1940's they would say "Savage pg ____," for a source.