Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: More Ontario Cemeteries Visited

As you know I was traveling in eastern Ontario and western Quebec this past May/June of 2012 and visiting archives, societies and libraries searching for clues on my family both McD's and Browns.

In the last post I covered some cemeteries in Pontiac (Quebec), Renfrew, Hastings and Frontenac Counties.  The last three counties are in Ontario. 

I then headed to Stormont and Glengarry Counties in eastern Ontario and visited quite a few cemeteries.  Here are some of the most impressive.  If you go to the blog: The Man Who Lived Airplanes and go the side bar to the right and look for the Categories, then scroll down to CEMETERIES and click on the ones that interest you.  The other option is to scroll further to LOCATIONS and search for Ontario and Quebec and select a town to study. 

Stormont County:
1.St. Andrews West the newer cemetery south of the church and the old burying ground that is north and right across from the church.

Glengarry County:
2.  St. Mary's RC Church & Cemetery in Williamstown, Glengarry, Ontario:

3.  Kenyon Presbyterian Church & Cemetery in Dunvegan, Glengarry, Ontario:

4.  St. Raphael's Ruins, Church and Cemetery in St. Raphael's, Glengarry, Ontario:

5,  St, Finnan's RC in Alexandria, Glengarry, Ontario:

6. St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church & Cemetery and the old burying ground in South Lancaster, Glengarry, Ontario:
7.  St. Columba RC Church & Cemetery and the Kirkhill United Church & Cemetery in Kirkhill, Glengarry, Ontario:
8.  St. Alexander's RC Church & Cemetery in Lochiel, Glengarry, Ontario:

Ontario and Quebec churches are amazing.  I was truly impressed with how high the spires reached.  It was actually difficult to get a good photograph because these churches reach to the sky. 


  1. I live in North Lancaster, Ontario. I have located a cemetery which belonged to the Free Church. There are a lot of McDonald buried there. And there is First United called the round church in Dalhousie Mills, Ontario which you should visit. Very interesting.

  2. Marilyn: Thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks for the tips. I will take a look the problem is my family has been in Ontario/Quebec since probably late 1700's. So it if difficult to find them. I am hoping to go back next year I have more to.