Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stoney Fork Cemetery NC: Wrapping Up!

A dream has been realized, I have come to the end of posting the tombstone photographs for the Stoney Fork Cemetery in Montgomery County, North Carolina that I took when I was visiting there in 2009.  Hopefully they will help others with their family history.

One last photograph which worries me for it is covered in grass.  How many others are buried under the earth in this cemetery?  It doesn't take long for nature to take over and once a tombstone falls on the ground this is what happens.

This posting has taken me over a year to complete.  I was averaging every two weeks.  Blogger is not easy when it comes to photographs.  It has a mind of its own.  Some of my blogging friends do wonderful photography and I don't know how they do it!

For some refresher information go to this earlier post:  A Visit to North Carolina - Charlotte & Five Counties, dated March 3, 2011 and you can start there by scrolling forward in time.  One of the links does not work so for the Family History site, here is the new updated link.  It is now called 

I mentioned this book:  "Montgomery County List of Cemeteries," Recorded by Mary Thompson King and Friends of the County, published for the Montgomery County Historical Society, 1999.  This book is 298 pages.  It is done alphabetically by the individuals surname.  The columns in the book are: Last Name, First Name, Birth, Death, Comments, Cemetery.  It is about 1.5 inches thick.  The historical society does not have a website so you will have to do some sleuthing to obtain a copy." 

There is a lot of good information in this book but there are a lot of tombstones not listed. 

This Tourism website is wonderful with links, information about the various areas in North Carolina, articles on the history of the county, photographs and a great township map of Montgomery County.  Boy does that bring back memories!  Here is that link!

It is time for me to travel so I will be quiet for awhile on this blog.  If you go to the side bar on this blog and scroll to the listing for "My Blog List," click on "The Man Who Lived Airplanes" or "The Boardmans and Browns of Winnipeg" and you can follow along with me.  Yes, I will visit cemeteries but they will be in Canada. 

When I return, I will share photographs from a cemetery in Union County, NC.

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery NC: A Few More Stones

A few more stones from Stoney Fork that were put in the deal with later file:

Deceased 1937
Age 79 years
At Rest

G.E. Gunther
April ___ 1877
May ___ 1923

Elmer ____son of
G.E. & E.E. Gunther
Born Feb 19, 1912
Died Nov. 24, 1919
Asleep in Jesus

John Stacey
Age 67
Died Sept 27, ______

Fanie Stacy wife
Born Aug     1857
Died Feb 9, ____
Sidney Manor
Col. L. 22 N.C. Inr
Infant Daug. of
P.A. & Cora Webb
Sept. 4, 1952 to Sept. 5, 1952
Our Loved One

Walter D. son of  R....& Al_oe Strother
died ____1911
__ age 2 mos.

Tero Dick 1881 to 1966

Joe F. son of
____ Johnson

This concludes the photographs from the Stoney Fork Cemetery in North Carolina. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery NC: Thompson #6

This post is the end of the Thompson tombstones photographs.  I have posted the remainder of Thompson today on April 17th so look below for #4 and #5. 

The day I took the photos of the tombstone's in Stoney Fork it was HOT!  The sun was shining and that was a good thing.  I have been in cemeteries when it has been pouring rain!  The bugs were not bothering me too much as I walked along.  I did move quickly because it was hot and I was melting. HA!

Thomas son of J.P. & D. M. Thompson
Born Feb. 12, [1913]
Died July 15, 1917
The writing below is difficult to read!

Pines M. son of J.D. & K. [O] Thompson
Born Sept. [  ] 1903
Died Dec. 30, 1917
At Rest

Daddy:  Joe B. Thompson
Nov. 15, 1910 to Nov. 8, 1982
In Loving Memory

Vivian Mae daughter of J.R. & Lenora Thompson
Jan. 1, 1943 to July 23, 1943

Susan A. daughter of M. & S. Thompson
Born Oct. 14, 1903
Died Oct. 18, 1903

E. Marshall Thompson
July 6, 1871 to July 17, 1918
Gone but not Forgotten
At the top:  Woodmen of the World Memorial

Sallie A. wife of E.M. Thompson
July 21, 1874 to Mar. 1, 1932
God Gave, He took. He will Restore. He Doeth All Things Well

Berta E. daughter of
J.D. & K.[O.] Thompson
Born Feb 15, 1896
Died June 25, 1912
Asleep in Jesus

The following two photos are possibly good overviews looking up the hill toward the Stoney Fork Church and you can get an idea where some tombstones are situated:

This obelisk has writing on several sides inscriptions!

Son of J.D. & K.C. Thompson

[J.R.] Thompson Apr. [  ] 1902 to July 22 1910?
At Rest

J.D. Thompson
June 5, 1860
April 25, 1915
Thy trials ended, they rest is won

Kathy C. Johnson
wife of David Thompson
Nov. 9, 1866
Jan. 13, 1942
Wm. Glenn Thompson
Jan. 26, 1906 to Sept. 19, 1952

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery, NC: Thompson #5

The couple featured on this obelisk tombstone is a very important couple in Thompson genealogy:

R.P. Thompson
Aug. 6, 1856 to Nov. 18, 1918
At Rest

His wife
Ellen Thompson
Mar. 21, 1856 to Aug. 5, 1928
Gone but not forgotten


A little closer

This man's full name is Richmond Patrick Thompson and his wife is Susan Ellen Thompson.  This link should help and lead to more on this family:

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery, NC: Thompson's #4

The Thompsons continue:

Mary Wife of S.W. Thompson July 7, 1847 to Feb 17, 1924
A tender mother and a faithful friend
S.W. Thompson Sept. 10, 1843 to Aug. 21, 1922
A veteran of his country. A believer in Christ

THOMPSON:  Janie Byrd
Nov. 21, 1893 to Aug. 29, 1960
Blessed are the dead which die in the lord, that they may rst from their labors
Rev. 4:13

Husband L.D. Thompson May 13, 1881 to Nov. 28, 1970
Wife: Rilla M. Andrews Mar. 16, 1888 to Nov. 26, 1972

Son of Ray & Janie Thompson
Dec. 20, 1915 to Oct. 13, 1917
[Asleep in Jesus Name]

Ray Thompson
Mary 25, 1891 to Feb. 11, 1939

Floyd Thom_son born June 2
Died July 4, 1960

Barney B. Feb. 17, 1912 to Oct. 7, 1982
Mary Jane Mar. 1, 1923-
In Loving Memory

Precious Lord Take My Hand
Mary Viola Thompson
Apri. 9, 1914 to Oct. 26, 1988

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday, Stoney Fork Cemetery NC: Thompson #3

The Thompsons continue with another large monument:

Husband: L.D. Thompson May 13, 1881 to Nov 28, 1970
Wife: Rilla M. Andrews Mar 16, 1888 to Nov. 26, 1972
Vancie Merrill Thompson [1893] to 1907

Algie Monroe Thompson 1906-1968

Infant Dau. of V.B. and Allie Thompson
Sept. 21, 1928

Edward Thompson
Apr 9, 1910 to Mar 20, 1928

Elizabeth wife of V. B. Thompson
Jan. 12, 1883 to Jan. 11, 1923
A tender mother and a faithful friend.

V. Benson Thompson
Oct 1, 1878 to Sept 23, 1945
Allie Morgan, wife of
V.B. Thompson
Apr 2, 1893 to Oct 4, 1928

The backside of the above 3 tombstones

A 3rd wife of V.B. Thompson - one row down and several stones over!

Della M. Thompson
May 10, 1883 to Nov. 29, 1956