Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery NC: The Thompsons #1

The Thompsons are a very large family and have many tombstones in the Stoney Fork Cemetery and many other cemeteries in the area.  There are also many family connections in this cemetery. 

Here is a link to a lineage on the Thompson family which at one time was spelled Thomson: 

This family is very big, so this lineage only shows a portion of the family.  I was helping a client with her genealogy and online I met another Thompson researcher who described the family as more of a "love knot."  You will find cousins marrying cousins and not marrying anyone but having several children. 

A suggestion, is that you go to Rootsweb Trees (which are part of Ancestry) and seek out more family trees for Thompson.  A quick search and I found three.  I caution you about online tree's. They are a starting point but you still have to find the birth, death, burial, church and other records to really make the genealogy true and correct.  Try Thompson or Thomson, John and Montgomery County, North Carolina in the search engine and see what you find  Try several combinations.  Have fun!  Don't forget the surrounding counties around Montgomery and search on those. 

The Montgomery County, North Carolina history books are in several volumes are also very good but I was cautioned that they were not necessarily correct or complete. 

Source: Montgomery County Heritage, NC Books, Vol. I 1981 and Vol. II 1992 and Vol. III 2001.  There are copies of these books at the FHL in Salt Lake City.  Try a WorldCat search as well. 

We begin with Benjamin Ryan Thompson who as only 20 years old at his death in 2001.

Benjamin Ryan Thompson Sept 18, 1981 to May 16, 2001

Lanny Dale Thompson Jan. 2, 1954

Thompson with a Family Tree (click on the picture and then click on the back button to return)
Lanny Dale is part of this tree.

Jesse Lee 1917 to 1993 and Ruby Smith 1916 to 2008
Wed Feb. 20, 1937

Ollie John Thompson 1916-2000 and Ina Dunn April 6 1919
Ina could still be alive at 93?

Richard R. 1922 to 1965 and Ruby C. 1912 to 1972

Samuel P. Thompson 1879 to 1943 and
his wife Minnie T. Smith 1880-1962

Macie A. Thompson 1916-1957 and
Mother Maggie T. Thompson 1915 to 1984 our loving mother
Another view of Macie A. Thompson's tombstone 

Another for Maggie T. Thompson's tombstone
More Thompsons to come! 


  1. Love the tombstone with the family tree! Wow! I would love to find one of those for my ancestors!

  2. Colleen: Yes, it is truly amazing and so helpful for those studying this family. I have not seen anything like it! Thanks for stopping by. Bonnie