Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery, NC: Ussery Stones

When I visited Stoney Fork Cemetery, I did not have clippers with me to remove the grass from around the stones.  I usually pack one now in my checked baggage and so far it has worked.  Over the years in my travels, I have noticed that once a stone starts to get covered like these it does not take long for them to disappear. 

If stones get broken there are a variety of ways a cemetery has handled that problem.  They stack the pieces in piles where you can't get to them.  Or the pieces disappear?  In this cemetery I did not see evidence of pieces lying about. 

I have this feeling there are many stones that we don't see because they have become covered with debree and grass.  The stones are there but unseen.  How does one determine if they are there and is it possible to dig them out? That is a difficult question. Not a good idea to go digging around without permission.  A more important reason is your level of knowledge and how to do it properly.  These tombstones are very heavy and that makes them difficult to move.  You could hurt yourself.  I lean toward caution and basically do not disturb the cemetery.  Since I live so far away I just do a little trimming around the stone of the grass. 

On the right side of this blog are links to websites that have information about how to care for tombstones.  The other method is to Google themes to see what comes up. Just be careful there is a lot of misinformation out there about caring for tombstones.  The cemetery may also have their policies so you need to check first. 

The surname today is Ussery a very big name in this area of North Carolina:

Willie Ray Ussery
Oct 17, 1933 to May 30, 1985

William P. Ussery 1888 to 1956

Another angle of William's tombstone. The intial looks like a P.
Jennie H. Ussery 1897 to 1955

Colon Mason Ussery - US Navy, World War II
Apr 16, 1917 to Dec ? 1990

William Eugene Ussery Jr.
Nov. 16, 1965 to Sept 24, 2001
In Loving Memory

Until We meet again
Lillie A. Ussery wife of
G.I. Ussery Sept 9, 1883 to Oct 8, 1931 (USSERY)

George Dallas son of T.W. & Stella Ussery
July 17, 1939 to Sept. 1, 1940

Iris Gail daughter of T.W. & Stella Ussery
April 1, 1947

Our Little Angel - Infant Dau. of Delton & Ina Ussery
Nov. 1, 1965

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery, NC: Turner & Wyatt

I am skipping ahead to Turner and Wyatt because Thompson and Ussery are very big families and there are a lot of stones to post.  It will probably take several posts to cover each of those surnames. 

There is one stone for Turner:

James I. Feb. 19, 1920, Dec. 17, 1989
and Mary M. Nov. 24, 1925 to July 4, 2007
I Thee Wed Dec. 4, 1943
 There are two stones for Wyatt:

Carl Edward Wyatt
May 13, 1934 to Oct 11, 1991
We love you Sonny

Magdalene G. Wyatt
April 3, 1915 to Feb 8, 1965