Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery, NC - Morris and Mullins

Featured this day are Morris and Mullins surnames:

Ashley W. Morris, North Carolina
PFC US Marine Corps Nov. 2, 1940 to October 6, 1959
He was only 19 years old!

Adam [Poy] 1878-1957
& Sarah Dick 1872 to 1960

Next are stones with Mullins inscribed:

Ashely Gene Mullins May 26, 1942 with a 6 below?
Mae Elizabeth Thompson Mullins June 22, 1921

In Loving Memory of James Edward Mullins
Feb 16, 1939 to June 13, 1988
Our best friend who lived life his way!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Stoney Fork Cemetery, NC: McDonald & McIntyre

The first tombstone is McDonald

McDonald:  Raymond B (Augs 5, 1928 )
and Bonnie T. Oct 13, 1930 to Sept 15, 1993
Married Dec. 20, 1953

The next is McIntyre:

Ted (July 25, 1944 to July 9, 1999)
and Brenda Crepps (July 19, 1944)
There are small stones with the names on them implying that Brenda passed on although her death date is not craved on the stone as indicated in the photograph above. The stone in front of Ted's is featured below:

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