Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stoney Fork Tombstones, NC: Hepard, Hopkins & Hurley

First up today is Hepard:

Barney M. Hepard 1923 to 1969

Hopkins follows: 
Marty Hopkins 1971 to 2008
Last is Hurley:

A Big Memorial with no inscriptions
Found this behind the McDonald tombstone James and Bernice Hurley

Bessie K. Hurley 1917 to 2003

Dallas Y. Hurley 1913 to 1980

Joyce Coyzet Hurley daughter of Dallas and Bessie 1941 to 1976
The last of the "H" surnames.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stoney Fork Tombstones, NC: Haywood & Henley

Continuing with the "H" names Haywood and Henley:

Irene S 1922 to 2009 and Roy C. 1921 to 1979

Roy Adell Haywood 1921 to 1979 another Vet WWII

Henley - no inscriptions on either side!

Phil B. Henley July 29, 1945
Sue T. Henly 1947 to 1991

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stoney Fork Tombstones, NC: Hathcock & Haukenberry

Tombstone Tuesday's contribution. We continue with Hathcock (1 stone) and Haukenberry several stones:

Sarah Elizabeth Hathcock

Thomas Haukenberry with his military service

Faye Thompson Haukenberry

The larger stone for Haukenberry
In the photos you can see that there are urns on the side of the big tombstone were the Haukenberrys are jambed up against it.  The larger Haukenberry stone does not have these urns?  Unfortunately I do not know what stone it was they were up against?  It was very difficult to photograph those two stones I get dizzy looking a the photographs.