Monday, May 23, 2011

Stoney Fork Tombstones, NC: Deese, Dennis and Dick

Bruce Benton? Deese 1929 to 1986
Cpl US Army - Korea

Terry Lane Deese 1977 to 2009

Dennis - Barney Allen and Alice Morton...

Hollie G. Dick 1887 to 1931

Son of H.G. & C.B. Dick 1913 to 1915...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Travels Recently: Massachusetts Meanderings and more....!

In the month of April 2011, I traveled to Massachusetts and Connecticut in search of my ancestors and I visited a great many cemeteries.

My blog Massachusetts Meanderings and more is about this trip and it will also include the "more" eventually.

Old Hazardville Cemetery in Enfield, CT

In the blog I describe my visits to these cemeteries.  Some were just quick stops where I just drove into the cemetery, took photos and studied the overall design of the cemetery and the size.  I did not get too specific because I did not have time. 

The cemeteries that were of major importance to me I lingered and described my experience in more detail. I did not show all my photos on the blog posts because I was traveling and that would take a great amount of time.  So I have uploaded to my public Picasa Web Albums more photos of these cemeteries.
I have not placed any restrictions on the photos but I do ask that you give me credit if you find something of interest. 

UPDATE 7/10/2012:  Apparently I have to embed each web album into the blog post.  This would take a great deal of time.  So I suggest that search for various cemeteries via the Massachusetts Meanderings Blog categories and search box.  At some point I will link these cemeteries photos, but they will be linked on the Solomon Goss Blog when I get to discussing that cemetery. 

As for burial listings for various cemeteries I found Find A Grave helpful but not always complete.  I sourced books that I had on these cemeteries for more research in the various posts on the particular cemeteries.  On the right of the blog are links that can be very helpful so check them out.

Stoney Fork NC: Tombstones for Crepps

Crepps tombstone

Crepps Stones are as follows: 

Helen Smith July 23, 1920 to Oct 9, 1999
Wm. Albert Oct 21, 1917 to Nov. 11, 1978

Another view of the same Crepps Stone 
The inscription at the bottom is lovely:  Peace in the Valley! I like the permanent vases set in the stone on each end. 

Billy Leon son of Albert & Helen Crepps
The flowers are covering the information on the stone and there is probably more indicated.

Here I briefly removed the flowers to get a better look.  I usually don't like to disturb graves. 

The name Crepps is very unusual the internet is leaning towards German for the origin of this name?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stoney Fork Tombstones, NC: Byrd

This name comes from a large and old family in the area: 

Thelma W. 4/13/1919 to 8/6/199? and J. Albert 1/29/1917 to 10/20/1987
Martha L. Harris (his wife) 7/15/1863 to 10/29/1938 and Thomas C. Byrd 5/9/1849 to 9/13/1933
B. Haywood Byrd 10,25, 1885 to May 31, 1929
Odessa, daughter of B.H. & Tero Byrd, 4/23/1909 to 3/14/1913

Carra, daughter of B.H. & Tero Byrd 4/30/1911 to 4/17/1913
Carrie S. 1905 - 1986 and William H. Byrd 1905-1963
Note:  I have been traveling in New England in April so that is why I have not posted recently.  I visited many cemeteries while there so I will have new material to add to this blog and link to others for you to see.  It was amazing!!!