Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stoney Fork Tombstones, NC: Beasley and Boggan

"Sam" Charles Samuel Beasley June 24, 1947

Backside - Beasley - no further info missed other side

Backside - Boggan

Front:  Katherine Ussery 4/20/1918-12/8/1985 & Edmund A. 2/14/1915 to 3/5/2003

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stoney Fork Tombstones, NC: Andrews and Archer

We start with the name Andrews.  Here we find 3 tombstones
Robert C. Andrews, Jan 1, 1882 to Sept. 10, 1963

O.G. Andrews Feb. 16, 1880 to Nov. 3, 1956

Sarah A. Andrews May 2, 1855 to Sept 23, 1936
There is only one stone for the name Archer:

Lannie T. Archer Jan. 26, 1897 to Oct. 27, 1961

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stoney Fork Baptist Church Cemetery, Montgomery Co., NC

In the next posts I will share the photographs I took of the Stoney Fork Cemetery in Montgomery Co., North Carolina.  I am going to share these tombstones in groupings by the names.  It is too difficult to try to do them exactly like the cemetery.  This will make it difficult to see relationships between the people because they will not be in rows but it will make it easier to review the stones and read them.

The cemetery is behind the church.  You approach the tombstones from the church driveway and you are on the high elevation of the cemetery as is slopes down from you.  There is a nice big tree to park the car under because it is hot!  It is well maintained although I suspect that not all burials have tombstones so you do need to check the online links to get a better picture of who is buried here or even contact the church?

The church stands at the entrance to the area which is down a gravel road. 

It is a very lovely, pleasant area and setting.  It is quiet and restful.  It is sheltered from the roads that are around it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Visit to North Carolina - Charlotte and Five Counties

Charlotte, North Carolina is a city situated in the southern part of the state almost to the South Carolina border.  To the east of Charlotte are a whole host of counties to do research in.  When I visited this area in May of 2009 my targets were the counties of Union, Anson, Stanly, Montgomery and Rowan. I visited these counties to do research on a genealogical client's family and while there I visited several cemeteries that I will share photos and locations.

The first is the Stoney Fork Cemetery located in Montgomery County, North Carolina.  Stoney Fork is a little north of Mt. Gilead and west of Wadeville.

Take the Pee Dee Road from Wadeville till you get to the Deberry Rd and turn right and then left at the Stoney Fork Church Road, go a little past Monarch Drive and you will find the sign and entrance to the Stoney Fork Baptist Church.  If you Google this cemetery be careful.  It was a popular name in North Carolina.  Use "Stoney Fork Baptist Church, Montgomery Co., North Carolina."

There are transcriptions for this cemetery and more at: The Tombstone Transcription Project for North Carolina, Montgomery County:  This link takes you to the USGenWebArchives link. 

Find A Grave has about 19 photos and does show the cemetery entrance sign:  Click this link - Stoney Fork Baptist Church Cemetery.

Here is my photo version of the entrance to the church and cemetery.

The people buried in this cemetery are no relationship to me; however, I do know that there are lots of Thompson descendants that would appreciate this information.
A publication is available:  "Montgomery County List of Cemeteries," Recorded by Mary Thompson King and Friends of the County, published for the Montgomery County Historical Society, 1999.  This book is 298 pages.  It is done alphabetically by the individuals surname.  The columns in the book are: Last Name, First Name, Birth, Death, Comments, Cemetery.  It is about 1.5 inches thick.  The historical society does not have a website so you will have to do some sleuthing to obtain a copy. 

For more information about researching in North Carolina try the website: