Friday, January 28, 2011

Stones of the Community Cemetery, Iowa: Alfred Spracklin

Daniel and Sarah Spracklin's youngest son Alfred died at about the age of 17.  As I have mentioned, family lore says he may have died of a snake bit.  I have not been able to find an obituary notice on Alfred to verify.  I have studied Iowa County newspapers but was unsuccessful in finding an obituary notice.  Of course, I need to study the Deep River newspapers in Poweshiek County and I have just not focused on that at this time. 

There has been a little confusion about his actual year of death  Some sources give 1893 others give 1899.

The publication "Millersburg United Methodist Church 1890-1990 Serving for a Century" gives the following information about Alfred's death:  #395 Row 10, Stone 11 - Alfred M. Spracklin Died: December 12, 1893 aged 17 yrs 4 mos 26 days. 

Alfred M. Son of D.D. and S. Spracklen Died Dec 12, 1893
age 17 yrs 4 mos 26 days

In this close up we see that it is 1893 on the tombstone.  The name is spelled "Spracklen" and not "Spracklin," like his father's tombstone. 

Further investigation was done in other sources:

Death Records 1880-1918, Poweshiek Co., Iowa - Register of Deaths no. 1 1880-1893 #1028406 Item 5, No Alfred found. Register of deaths v. 2 1893-1901 FHL#1028407 Item 1, No Alfred Spracklin found. Record of deaths v. 3 1897-1908 FHL#1028407 Item 2, No Alfred Spracklin listed.

Death Records 1880-1935 Iowa Co., Iowa Register of Deaths v. 1 1880-1904 FHL#988209 Item 1. No listing for Alfred Spracklin for either 1893 or 1899 second checking of these records.

It is possible that Alfred died in another county?  His brother's and sister lived in Calhoun Co., Emmet Co., Keokuk Co., Scott Co. and several others.  He might have been visiting and that is why I have not been able to locate a story of his death.  I do not yet feel I have made an exhaustive search so it is on my To-Do list for the future.

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