Monday, January 17, 2011

Stones of the Community Cemetery, Iowa: Spracklin/len

My 2nd great grandfather Daniel D. Spracklin is buried in the Community Cemetery 11 miles west of Millersburg, Iowa.  I visited his grave in 2003 once with my cousin Jerry who had located Daniel's grave site. I visited it again, alone, before I left to return home. I must admit leaving an ancestor behind always tugs at my heart.

There is something very satisfying about the motion of the car as it dips and glides across the land following the road to a cemetery.  The next is the feeling of walking the land, studying the tombstone(s), and then looking in different directions as you experience the land and what life might have been like for your ancestor. 

Page 68 of the publication "Millersburg United Methodist Church 1890-1990 Serving for a Century"  lists D.D. as #392 Row 10, Stone 10.  Sarah is listed as #393 Row 10, Stone 10.  Sarah was Daniel's second wife and they had seven children: Lydia, Virda, Reed, Daniel, Peter, Charles, and Alfred. Daniel's first marriage to Elizabeth produced four children:  Henry (Jerry's ancestor), Oliver, Mary and Amarilla, my ancestor.  I obtained a copy at the Iowa County Genealogical Society.

D.D. Spracklin and Sarah Tombstone 

D.D. Spracklin Feb 16, 1830 to Mar 9, 1916
Sarah, his wife Aug 28, 1838 to Apr 22, 1907

Here you see the stone is tilting
The small stones on either side of the large one read: "Mother" and "Father."  Their son Alfred is to the north (left) of this stone. Fortunately this cemetery is well maintained.

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