Friday, January 7, 2011

Community Cemetery, near Millersburg on the way to Deep River, Iowa

The next cemetery we will visit is the Community Cemetery 11 miles west of Millersburg on Hwy 52 on the way to Deep River.  Millersburg is located in Iowa County and the town of Deep River is situated in Poweshiek County. If you were researching this ancestor you would have to study both counties in order to find the documents. It is on the right as you go west next to the church and parsonage in section 11 of Iowa County. Here is a map that can help you locate this cemetery; however, if you drive along Hwy 52 you will not be able to miss it for it is a very open area and not shrouded by trees.  The main Hwy is Interstate 80 which goes through just about the middle of Iowa from east to west.

My focus on visiting this cemetery back in 2003 was to view the grave of my 2nd great grandfather Daniel D. Spracklin.  He was the husband of Elizabeth Spracklin who was featured in the Titler Cemetery posting dated September 11, 2010.  Elizabeth died on 10 March 1859 and Daniel remarried on 21 November 1863 in Marengo, Iowa to Sarah Blacketer Allgood. 

I did not record the Dayton Community cemetery but  I do have overview photographs and photographs of my 2nd great grandfather's tombstone which also includes Sarah's information.  I also took photos of the tombstone of their youngest son Alfred.  The family lore in the cause of his death is that he might have been bitten by a snake.  I have yet to confirm that story. 

Entrance to the Community Cemetery
This gives a great view of the cemetery looking northeast
Taken looking southwest towards the Church
There is a publication for this cemetery "Millersburg United Methodist Church 1890-1990 Serving for a Century."  I obtained a copy of the page I was interested in when I visited the Iowa County Genealogical Society located in the Marengo Public Library. They have since relocated to the town of North English south of Marengo. See the link to the right in the link column for more information on the genealogical society.

The Iowa County Gen/Web site has started adding cemetery histories and you can find information there at: for this cemetery.  It does not yet list the burials at this time.

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