Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Stones of Titler: Wanamagher & Young

The last stones for this cemetery are Wanamaugher/Wannamacher and Young. 

S. of the 12th Iowa Vol. d at Ft. Columbus 4 Jan 1865 age 45y5m3d
and G.A.R. Marker (foot stone S.C.W.
Apparently the stone that is behind this square base is probably the stone that should be on the top of the square base.  So I only captured the information of the base.  The other stone that looks like a obelisk might have other Wannamaugher names listed on it.  Unfortunately I did not capture it in a photo.  There seems to be a difference in the spelling of the name between the two publications of Ms. Lille and Ms. Sanchez.

The last stone is of a J.W. Young:

J.W. Young 1869-1949

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