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Stones of Titler: Titler & Turner

When visiting Iowa in 2003, I studied the newspapers at the Blairstown Public Library to see if I could find an obituary notice in 1859 for Elizabeth Keller Spracklin (posted dated September 11, 2010).  I have featured her stone in a past post. She died in February of 1859.  I was unable to find one for my 2nd great grandmother; however, I did see obituary notices for other individuals and the name "Titler" stood out and I believe they were prominent in the area at that time. The newspaper of 1859 talked mostly about farming and the prospects for business. The Blairstown Library was in a metal industrial building on the edge of town because they were in the process of building a new library.  The actual genealogical collection was in the basement of the bank because the person in charge was worried something would happen to it.  I had to come back the next day to access the genealogical collection so I made an appointment with the very helpful and nice librarian for the next day to come back and visit.  She was so kind she closed the library up while I tried to do research in less than ideal circumstances.  I believe they have since moved into the new building on Locust street and things are much better.  However, I would call to make an appointment to be safe. 

Here is a link to their genealogical collection at the library with contact information: 

This is their home page:   Try this new link:

There is a history book for the town of Blairstown, Iowa "Blairstown History: 1862 to 1987."  The book gives no reference to who published it.  I picked up a copy at the library in 2003. There are other Blairstown's in other states and counties so make sure you focus on Iowa.  It does have Family History on pages 77-116. It does not have an index.

The Stones with the surname Titler: 
George Titler d 11 May 1876 age 76y11m3d
Isaac D. Titler 2 Feb 1825 to 30 Apr 1907
Margaret, wife 4 Dec 1831 to 12 Mar 1902 ss

 Mary A. daughter of George & Affy d 19 Nov 1857 age 11 y8d

George E. Titler d 11 May 1876 age 76y11m3d
Unfortunately the last stone was not a complete photo but it does hint that it is George E.  Many stones were up against trees and buried.  I did not wish to disturb things since I did not live in the area.  There is a difference between the two publications by Ms. Lillie and Ms. Sanchez so study both. The next stones are of the surname Turner:

Roy Turner 1890-1961 and Louise 1900 to ______

Turner, Glenn (no other information)
There was no other information on the last stone and no dates but I do believe it is a new stone not listed by Ms. Lillie (1975) nor Ms. Sanchez (1968) in their publications that I found at the Iowa Genealogical Society.  See my post for July 26, 2010 for the information on the publications of this cemetery.

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