Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Stones of Titler: A Conclusion

We come to the end of the photographs that I have in my collection in regards to the Titler Cemetery located northwest of Marengo, Iowa.  As you can see I do not have a completely documented cemetery.  I do not live in the area and was visiting at the time back in 2003.  I do hope that these photographs that I did take will be of help to others.

Plat Map for Titler

When I visited the "Iowa County Genealogical Society" they told me that the plat map for the cemetery was missing.  I hope that my photographs might be found by someone who may know where this map is and will see that the information is forwarded to the Iowa County Genealogical Society which is now located in North English, Iowa.  See my link for the society to the right under Favorite Links. Make sure you understand that it is Iowa County which is the county genealogical society vs. the state genealogical society which is called "Iowa Genealogical Society."  It can get confusing. 

Here again are the two publications that I used for this cemetery:

The Iowa County GenWeb site has placed the publication written by Pauline Lillie on the web at this link covering the burials in the Titler Cemetery near Marengo, Iowa:

Source: Iowa County Cemetery Stones & History 1844-1975, compiled by Pauline Lillie for the Iowa County Historical Society Bicentennial, 1976. Approximately 102 burials listed in her publication. I found this at the Iowa County Genealogical Society. Location of Titler: Marengo Township 81, Range 11, Section 13.

History: Ms. Lillie describes this cemetery as one of the earlist with first burials in 1851. Families may also be found in the Bishop (Denzler) Cemetery to the east and the Athey Cemetery to the west.

Ms. Lillie's publication mistakes Phebe Allgood for a Spracklin and doesn't have Elizabeth Spracklen listed at all.

There is another publication done by a Ms. Sanchez that my cousin found at the Iowa Genealogical Society (not to be confused with Iowa County Genealogical Society). Both are in the state society located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Source: Cemeteries Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa, Originally transcribed by Mrs. Kaye Sanchez and finished in 1968, Des Moines, Iowa, retyped by Marion A. Gunderson 2001.

Mrs. Sanchez writes that there are 21 unmarked graves and stones were piled against the trees, some broken. Approximately 83 burials listed in this publication.

There are discrepancies between the two publications and my suggestion is to consult both of these publications and then study my photos of the tombstones.

Surnames Not Photographed:

Surnames listed in the publications that did not get photographed are: Baugh, Baughman, Bolger, Cladwell, Carter, Cavender, Crouch, Garby, Grouch/Crouch, Hanson, McLaughlin, Tarney, Tracy, Troup, Webster and Wood. 

Please realize that even the stones I did photograph are not necessarily complete and you need to refer to the two publications for as complete a picture of the Titler Cemetery as possible near Marengo, Iowa.

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