Friday, October 29, 2010

Stones of Titler: Goodman, Haughenbury & Ludman

Unfortunately the Goodman base is all I have in detail.  The obelisk is laying on the side and I do not have a photo of it.  The interesting thing is the stone shaped square behind this tombstone.  I do not know if it is part of the Goodman plot?  I have been told by the Iowa County Genealogical Society when I visited them back in 2003 that a plate map of the cemetery has not been found and I have not taken time to see if it is at the courthouse or the funeral homes in the area have it. It would be a great find if it could be found.
This might be for a Mary and Thomas Goodman
Mary 28 Oct 1840-17 Nov 1913 - Footstone
Thomas 22 Feb 1836 - 15 Jan 1911 GAR Marker
The next stones are in a row and they are for the surname of Haughenbury:

Left: Sarah wife of William d 7 Nov 1889 age 71y11m18d
next: William d___Feb 1897 age 92y5m19d
far right: William H. 25 June 1847 - 11 Dec 1911
3rd stone may be a Theodosia 1860-1949
If you look closely as this closeup of William H's tombstone you can see that it is Theodosia that is the flat stone to the left.  Again I only have this half photo of her stone.

The next photo is of the Ludman stone:

John C. Ludman d 7 Jan 1893 age 46y4m6d
There is a Susan Ludman (1886 age 36 yrs.) but I don't seem to have that stone or it is possible she was listed on the other side of this obelisk.

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