Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Stones of Titler: Fiedler & Gilbert

Someone had left some offerings for the tombstone with the surname of Fielder.  The tombstone of George and Mary Gilbert is easy to read.  Unfortunately some of the other Gilbert stones are in a mess, piled together in a tumble and apparently they have been that way a long time. I will try to dig deeper to see if I cannot get more detail by giving the overall photo I took and then do some editing to bring out the names. The first stone is of the surname Fielder:  

Edward O. Fielder 1881 to 1963
Mamie A. Fielder 1901 to 1934

George W. Gilbert Aug 17, 1845 - Feb 3, 1915
Mary A. Gilbert Sept. 28, 1855 ......

The photo below is a grouping of the surname Gilbert from what I can tell.  The tall pillar stone has inscription on it probably on all of its sides for I can see some craving on the right and left face of the stone. I do not know if there was any further information on the two sides you cannot see.  I did not photograph from that side.

Pile of stones - Gilbert

Jas. M. Nov. 13, 1875 age 52 yrs. 1 mo. 27 da
Nancy A wife of Jas. m. Aug. 13, 1875 age 50 yr. 10 mo. 29 da.

The top area: Mary C. dau of J.M. & N.A. Aug 1853 age 6 mos. 4 da.
There are more Gilberts as listed in Lillie and Sanchez's publications.  See my previous posting for July 26, 2010 for more information and links.

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