Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Stones of Titler: Curtwright & Emrick

In retrospect, I wish I had documented this cemetery with more care and tried to follow the rows in order but I did not have time to do so.  I can describe the cemetery to you.  It rests in a rectangle on an east to west direction. I would say it is an acre in size?  It is on a small hill but once you climb it it is relatively flat. The tombstones are in rows going north to south.  It is located on a "Y" of two highways and has a fence that encloses it.  It is maintained by an unknown entity that mows the grass.  A majority of the stones are visible but there are many that are piled into groupings under trees and broken.  Apparently they have been that way for awhile based on the publications I found by Lillie and Sanchez. I get the feeling that the trees were not there and have since grown causing the destruction of grave sites and tombstones.  There are depressions in the earth in which you can stumble and I believe that they are the unmarked graves.

Theodosia A. Curtwright
April 23, 1869 to April 30, 1903

Julia Ann Emrick 1840 to 1872

David Emrick Co. C, 4 Ind, Cav. with Star  
I like the name of Theodosia, it is very unusual.

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