Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Stones of Titler: Brown

The next grouping is a rather imposing tombstone that has pictures of the couple on one side and on the backside is the information regarding their lives.

J.S. and Jennie Brown Front
J.S. Brown Nov. 4, 1853 to Sept. 10, 1938
Jennie, his wife
Mar 21, 1846 to Sept 4, 1917

Lowell D. Brown
Aug. 21, 1889 to Sept 24, 1958
In both the publications of Lillie and Sanchez (see past posts) there is mention of a Kenneth Reno stone.  I do not have a photo of this stone.  Ms. Lillie states it was removed.   This stone of Lowell is not included in either publication.

Please remember, I did not take pictures of every stone.

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