Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Stones of Titler Cemetery - Merrifield!

In the next posts I will present the photographs of some of the tombstones that I took back in April of 2003.  This is not going to be a complete set of photos.  I was traveling and didn't have time to spend formally documenting this cemetery.  Please keep this in mind.  I gave you publications suggestions for this cemetery in a previous post so that should help you to see if there are any burials that are of interest to you.

Please note that I took these photos and have uploaded them here without altering them in any way so that you can take the photo and study it further or make copies to try and read it yourself.  Please give me credit for the work I have done by putting a link back to this blog on the pictures you take. 

I would like to start with photos of  the burials under the surname of Merrifield:

[Seraphina] Isador daughter of R.M. & M.A. Merrifield
d. 18 May 1856 age 4y8m3d
Notice in the above photo that the tombstones are gathered against the tree.  It means there is a disconnect with the burial location of this person in the cemetery. There are depressions in the ground where a grave is located but the stones are not with the grave but placed under trees in various areas of the cemetery. Not all of the stones are in this condition.

There were pieces of broken tombstones as you see in the photo below to the left of the pieced together tombstone that are probably from another tombstone.  I struggled to not touch the tombstones and do any rearranging for I do not live in the area and I was hoping that others would take on the job of cleaning up this cemetery. 
Bertie Merrifield, d 8 Aug 1870 age 9m9d

Probably Margaret J. Merrifield,
d. August 20, 1852 age 20 yr5m8d
 Infant children of R.M. & R.D., no dates

According to Ms. Lillie and Mrs. Sanchez these are the 4 tombstones that are under the surname of Merrifield as listed in their publications.   I feel that the stone for Seraphina Isador is closer to the correct name and owner of the stone. 

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