Saturday, July 17, 2010

Visit to Titler Cemetery April 2003, Near Marengo, Iowa

Let’s get started with a little cemetery I visited in Iowa back in April of 2003. It is the called the Titler Cemetery and it is 1 mile northwest of Marengo just as you turn north to travel to Blairstown. Marengo is located in Iowa Co., Iowa.

Back in 2003 I found the Titler cemetery was maintained but some of the stones were broken and bunched around the trees, apparently so they could mow it regularly. This was unfortunate for it meant that some of the stones were not matched with the graves. As you walked around the cemetery you could easily stumble because there were depressions in the ground. These were the graves with their tombstones missing. According to the Iowa County Genealogical Society the plate map is missing.

This website of Satellite views was not available in 2003 so enjoy for it pinpoints where the Titler Cemetery is located.

Directions: Take Eastern Ave. through Marengo and drive north across the bridge over the Iowa river and turn left at the end of the bridge and drive along Co. Hwy F15. When the highway starts to turn north you will find a knoll where the Titler Cemetery is on the west side of the road, there is a wire fence and a gate. I parked on the road to the side and walked up. My cousin drove his car up to the gate and through without a problem the next day. He was certainly braver than me. In the photo the gate is to the right and is not shown.

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