Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Owl Creek Cemetery, Ankenytown, Ohio - Keller Stones

Henry Keller 1829-1903 son of Benjamin Keller, His wife Elizabeth's
 foot stone is to the left 1829 to 1909
Note:  I believe her maiden name is Grubb and there marriage is in the Knox Co., Ohio Records. 
There are quite a few Keller stones in the Owl Creek Cemetery and you can find photos at Find A Grave with links to show the relationships. 

Daniel Keller 1851-1926,
Elnora A. Keller 1856-1887
Ardella Keller 1864-1944
Chloe Keller 1881-1966
There are foot stones for these people see below
J.W. Keller 1860-1922 with the stones crowded around him on the left and right

Wilson Keller 1860 to 1922
Elizabeth Keller 1829-1909

On the left of Henry Keller's stone Ardella 1864-1944 , Herold, son of
J.W. & Tena, d. 1914
Herold and Christina are very close to J.W. Keller.

Christina D. Keller w/o J. Wilson Keller 1877 to 1966

Herold Keller, s/o J.W. & Tena d. 1914

Ardella Mae Keller daughter of J.W. & Tena Keller [1915]
Ruth Elnora dau. of W.D. & Cora Keller 1913

KELLER - Walter D. 1879-1970
Cora E. 1876-1936

Family Search has a tree for Henry and Elizabeth (Grubb) Keller which lists their children as Daniel, Mary Elizabeth Keller, John Wilson Keller and Delpha Keller.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Owl Creek Brethren, Ankenytown, Ohio

The Owl Creek Cemetery is located in Ankenytown, Berlin Twp., in northern Knox County, Ohio which is northeast of Fredericktown.  You can take Hwy. 95 north (Ankenytown Rd.) following its twists and turns.  You will be greeted by a beautiful white church.  The graveyard is to the right as you enter.

Owl Creek Sign post with information

The Owl Creek Brethren Church 

The Church Welcome sign 

Overview photo of Owl Creek Cemetery
Source:  Cemetery Records of Knox County, Ohio, Volume II, Owl Creek, Ankenytown, Ohio. There is also a revision so you might check Volume I.  I was in search of Kellers and found quite a few in this cemetery.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Maple Grove Cemetery, Chesterville, Morrow Co., Ohio

Maple Grove Cemetery is on the way to Mt. Gilead in Morrow Co., Ohio.  I was on the hunt for Keller tombstones and I found one large one in this cemetery.

Maple Grove Cemetery is featured on Find A Grave 43% photographed and 2539 interments.

Maple Grove is also listed in the Morrow County, Ohio Tombstone Transcriptions which consists of six Volumes. It is listed under Chester Township on page 85. I found these at the Morrow County Genealogical Society but Family History Library has the series as well.

To get to this Maple Grove Cemetery you take Hwy 13 up to Hwy 95 going west to Chesterville which takes you to Mt. Gilead.  You can't miss this cemetery for it has a huge brick entry way.

Entrance to Maple Grove Cemetery, Chesterville, Ohio
You are then greeted by the monument to the fallen and a map of the cemetery behind a glass case.

The Dedication to their Veterans from 1861 to present

I found the Keller Monument over on the southwest corner of this large cemetery.  It was a large stone with foot stones in front. If George or Frances are related to my line, I do not know at this time. 

George and Frances Keller with footstones in foreground
George W. Keller June 27, 1850 to Mar. 2, 1913
Frances, His wife Nov. 10, 1851 to Sept. 23, 1839
There is no inscription on the backside of this monument. 

Looking at the George & Frances Keller stone
As always in genealogy, new information comes to you and I have learned that descendants of John and Mary Keller my third great grandparents lived in the Chesterville area.  These families are also buried in the Chester Baptist Cemetery which is down the road from this Maple Grove in Chesterville. Their daughter Lavina Keller married W. G. Helt and their children settled in the area. The surnames are Doty, Pearl, Sensel, Wintermute and more.  I have found Wintermutes listed in the online and book form buried in this cemetery.  In future posts, I will be writing about the Helts and their descendants on my blog "Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Oak Grove Cemetery, Gambier, Knox Co., Ohio

Oak Grove Cemetery is in Gambier, Ohio. It is a fairly large cemetery so it is wise to have a publication to help you find the graves.

Source:  Cemetery Records of Knox County, Ohio, Volume 1, Oak Grove, Oak Grove (revision) Volume 2.  There is a map of the cemetery.  The public library in Mt. Vernon has copies as most of the genealogical societies in the area.

To get to this cemetery you go from Hwy 36 east of Mount Vernon and turn down Hwy 308 to Gambier.  Going south on Hwy 308, you can turn left onto W. Woodside to Gaskill Ave. and I think you turn left onto Ackland St. and you will find this cemetery.

Find A Grave has a listing for this cemetery with 93% photograph and 1162 interments.  There are four Kellers listed in this cemetery online.  I have photos of two of the Keller names, plus a Colwill. I did not find Garth or Kathleen Keller when I was there visiting in 2011. They were not in the area of the Homer and T. Jean Keller tombstone.

Overview of Oak Grove Cemetery, Gambier, Ohio
Oak Grove Cemetery Sign
Keller/Colwill Monument - nothing on the backside

KELLER - T. Jean Feb. 21, 1926 to Jan. 7, 2007
Married Oct. 9, 1944
Homer D. Mar. 2, 1923 to Feb 16, 2010
William M. 1916 to 1961 COLWILL

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Rivercliff Cemetery, Mt. Gilead, Morrow Co., Ohio

Back in 2011, I was on a search for Keller tombstones in the Knox, Morrow county areas.  While visiting in Mt. Gilead I went to the Rivercliff Cemetery.

There is a cemetery book for the townships of Gilead and Franklin Townships of which the Morrow County Genealogical Society a Chapter of the OGS has a complete set of all the books.

Source:  Morrow County, Ohio, Tombstone Inscriptions, Volume Six, Gilead & Franklin Twps., published by the Morrow County Genealogical Society, Mt. Gilead, Ohio, 1995. 

There is a cemetery map in the book as well for Rivercliff which is a rather large cemetery with roads inside the cemetery for easy access. The cemetery is located on the east side of Mt. Gilead off of E. High St. on E. Marion St. It is not right on the main road through Mt. Gilead so you do have to look for it.

Overview of Rivercliff Cemetery, Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Overview of Rivercliff Cemetery, Mt. Gilead, Ohio
I only found a couple Keller monuments in Rivercliff cemetery which is featured at Find A Grave. There was one large Keller Monument as you can see in the photograph below. There was nothing inscribed on the backside of the monument. It has a Masonic sign on it which means you might be able to find out more about this monument? There was not much around this stone so a check of funeral or burial records would be in order.

A little ways in front of this monument in the next row were two tombstones for a Earl Keller and a Marguerite Keller. I do not know if they are related to my Keller family.

Marguerite Keller 1897 to 1970

Earl J. Keller, Ohio, Sgt. 305 Repair Unit
Died August 29, 1940, born Jan. 8, 1897
I have added Marguerite's tombstone to her page at Find A Grave which has links to her parents and more.  Earl has a symbol next to him which unfortunately I did not read...hmmmm....!