Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Hedding M.E. Cemetery, Morrow Co., Ohio - More stones...

In 2007, I took the following photographs of some stones in addition to my family and there are Barr and Slack in the family names.  Harris is also a possibility.

Amos B. Harris Born Jan 2, 1838 Died Oct 25, 1856

Burr Harris, Born Dec 10, 1804, Died Mar 23, 1883
Catherine Harris Born May 25, 1812, Died Nov. 17, 1884
Father and Mother HARRIS

Can't make this one out?

Amos R. Harris Died _________

Joshua A. Harris Born Dec. 26, 1846 Died Jan 4, 1903 Aged 62 Y. 6 ds

William M. Shaw died April 4, 1880, Aged 54 d m 18 d. 

Hannah Slack, Died Feb 19, 1902 Aged 74 Y 4 ms. etc

Infant of Wm and H. Slack 

William Slack, Died Jan 28, 1876 Aged 58 y 7 m. 9 d. He is next to Hannah

Sarah Wife of Joseph Slack died Nov. 26, 1873 age 24 yrs, 1 mo. 3 ds

George W. __________

Shaw stone see below

Left reads Our Father Joseph Shaw Died Feb 20, 1844
Age 46 Yrs 2 Mos 29 Ds. 

Right side reads Our Mother, Charity w/o Joseph Shaw died
No. 27, 1877 aged 74 yrs, 10 ms.

Michael Shaw ----- Veteran Emblem


Daniel Barr, Died Aug 30, 1881
Aged 36 Yr 6 Mos 27 Ds.

Mary Wife of J.Barr Died Dec 31, 1880, Aged 73 Yrs. 

As you can see the above two are right next to each other. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Hedding M.E. Cemetery, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio - Mary & John Keller

My third great grandparents John and Mary (Delano) Keller's tombstone is located in the Hedding M.E. Cemetery in So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio out of the view from the road.  You have to enter the cemetery at the gate and walk over the knoll to the other side.

A cousin had sent me a photo of the tombstone and I thought the tombstone was gigantic but it is about my size. In 2007 it was almost overwhelmed by a large rose bush, someone had tenderly planted years ago and it was now jeopardizing the stone. The bush was about to knock the tombstone over.  I did not have tools to cut it back in 2007.  The other problem was that the stone was being taken over by mold and the inscription was getting very difficult to read because of the softness of the stone.

Here I am in 2007 with their tombstone and you can see the bush and the mold.

John Keller (on left) and Mary Keller (on right)  On the left side
Peter Keller their son is listed 2007
When I saw the condition, I looked up the the South Bloomfield Township information on line and asked for help.The person I talked to was a man with the last name of Slack. He had no knowledge of his descendancy from this couple but apparently he did something and took action. I am grateful.

In the photo below it is 2011 with me standing there beside it. You can see that the bush has been removed or cut way back yet still not dead. The mold is there but not as bad because the sun and light can access the stone for it is not shrouded in shade. The tombstone is right on the hillside which is steep.  It is still standing but I am worried about its stability on that slope.
John Keller, Mary Delano and Peter Keller
Peter's information was totally covered with mold back in 2007. It is on the left side of the tombstone. I brought clippers with me this time and did a little more pruning but I could see the bush has been chopped way back.
Peter's information covered in mold - 2007

Peter's information covered in mold and I had to push
 the bush out of the way -2007
Peter Keller in 2011 - the mold is much improved but the reading is difficult. 

The Tombstone reads from the cemetery book:
Front left side: Keller, John d. May 4, 1880 Aged 60y 5 m 10 d
Front right side: Mary A., w/o J. Keller, D. Aug. 3, 188? - A 68y3m3d
Peter, d. May 22, 1863 - Aged 34 y 5 m 24d. 

John's side on the left 2007

Mary's side on the right 2007
John, Mary and Peter's tombstone 2011 - a little tilted
To the east is another tombstone and this is another son of John and Mary Keller and Peter's baby brother William Frank Keller and his wife Ida C. This tombstone is so close to the east boundary line you can barely get in front to read it and the bushes shade it.  Here is my attempt on a rainy day in 2007.

Frank and Ida Keller in 2007 
 There are two stones on each side of this large stone with Father and Mother inscribed on the top.
Keller, Frank 1855, 1911 (Father)
Ida C. 1855 to 1930 (Mother)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Hedding M.E. Cemetery, So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio

The Hedding M.E.Cemetery is very special to me.  My third great grandparents are buried there.  They are John Keller and Mary Anne Delano Keller.

I had the good fortune to visit this cemetery twice.  The first time in 2007 when I went to the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Society Conference) in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Ohio was only 2 hours away and I can do that in a car.  So after the conference I headed east.

2007, Me with John, Mary and Peter's Tombstone 
This particular trip I did not blog about because I had not taken the plunge into blogging.  The trip was from Fort Wayne to Kenton and then to Mount Vernon and then back to Fort Wayne to do a little more research at the Allen County Library in their brand new genealogical section.

Hedding M.E. Cemetery was a little confusing to find back then so this next trip in 2011 I was going to nail it down and not end up asking a neighbor for directions.  I was with a cousin the first trip so it helped to have another person to navigate and deal with the natives.  The second trip I was on my own.

This cemetery is not that far from the Green Valley Cemetery in which my other 3rd great grandparents are buried, John and Lydia Spracklin.  John and Lydia's son Daniel married Elizabeth Keller the daughter of John and Mary Kelelr in 1852 and headed to Iowa.  I refer you to my other blogs:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio and The Barclay's of Pine River for more information on these families.  See right side of this blog for links.

Starting in Mount Vernon you head out on State Rte  229 (Old Delaware Rd) you can turn right onto Cochron Rd. and go north to the Green Valley Cemetery and along the way you pass by John and Lydia's land. To get to Hedding M.E. Cemetery keep going west on State Rte 229, past Durham Rd (Hwy 1), past Braddock and then it gets a little tricky because you come to a road that goes off to the right (CR-85) and you take that road and then you cross from Knox Co. to Morrow Co. and it is now CR-21 which is about .3888 miles to the cemetery. It is about 20-22 miles from Mount Vernon.

Google Maps - Hedding ME Cemetery, Ohio - 2011
The sign indicated you are going from Knox in
Morrow County, Ohio - 2011 - LOVE IT!
The road is a two lane narrow county road and you have to park your car carefully.  Make sure you lock your doors because you will not be able to see it from the cemetery which requires you to climb up a little knoll.  Here are some overview photographs taken in 2007.  It was overcast, damp and misting that day.

Looking south Hedding ME Cemetery 2007

Hedding ME Cemetery 2007

Hedding ME Cemetery 2007

The following photographs where taken in 2011.  You can see that it is sunny and bright.

Hedding ME Cemetery 2011

Hedding  ME Cemetery 2011 - you climb up and it is flat but
goes down hill again

Here you can see the curvature in the Hedding ME Cemetery
Find A Grave has a listing of 169 burials with 51% photographed at this link:

More photos from this cemetery to follow with a look at the Keller tombstones in more depth and other stones as well.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Grove Cemetery, Kenton, Hardin Co., Ohio

Grove Cemetery is outside of Kenton, Ohio to the east.  It is a very large cemetery and the Hardin County Genealogical Society had funeral records which I was able to find the information about several Spracklens buried there.  However, be careful the information as to where they are buried might be wrong and you could end up wandering a very large cemetery.

We have Peter John Spracklen who is a son of George Spracklen, brother to my John Andrews Spracklin who is buried in Green Valley Cemetery which I have written about in this blog.  John and George's father Peter Spracklen/lin settled in Hardin County and remained there.  He is buried along with other Spracklen/lins in the Lee Cemetery. I will post more on this family when I write about Peter and Betty Spracklen in future posts on my Solomon Goss in Fearing Twp. blog.

They are by Woods and Cline in over a row under a big tree
Myrtle, Mary, Peter and Arola Spracklen in that order with a symbol
and flag that is between the mother and daughter.   See photo below. 

Father Peter John Spracklen 1856 to 1939

Mother - Mary E.V. Spracklen 1860 to 1930

Daughter: Arloa Janiza Spracklen 1890 to 1955 
Daughter: Myrtle Pearl Spracklen 1879 to 1853
Apparently, I did not get the flag and emblem information down and do not have that information, well it has been awhile. See the Find A Grave information about Arloa which references the Rebekah Lodge (Odd Fellows?)

Another view of the emblem and flag.  
I viewed these graves back in August/September 2011 when I was touring around Ohio for my big second trip. It is apparent that there are no further descendants of this family line, although Peter John had ten other siblings. So I am glad I stopped by for a little while and lingered.

For some reason Peter John Spracklen decided to return to Kenton, Ohio from Shelby Co., Illinois where his parents settled after the death of their grandmother Betty Spracklen. Go here for a description of my visit:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: St. Mary's & Grove Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio

Just outside of Kenton, Ohio going east on Hwy 309 there is a large cemetery that is two combined into one: St. Mary's and Grove Cemetery.

While I was there in Kenton, Ohio in 2011, I wanted to see if there were anymore Spracklen's buried in the area other than the Lee Cemetery which I just posted about in the last several posts.  I did find four more Spracklins to share with you.

First here are some photographs of the Grove Cemetery as overviews:

Grove Cemetery, Kenton, Ohio

The entrance to Grove Cemetery

Grove & St. Mary's Cemetery Map
It is a very nice and well kept cemetery but big so you do need to get clear on where the tombstones are located in your search.  I believe I obtained my information at the Hardin County Genealogical Society in Kenton, Ohio from their cemetery books. Find A Grave has this cemetery online. They have 37% photographed at this time and list 6,843 interments.  Grave Addition has this cemetery and may give an good overview of the stones:  Internment has some of this cemetery. The Hardin County Genealogical Society has a Cemetery Index book using the St. Mary's Cemetery name. They have more cemetery information like actual cemetery records so don't hesitate to contact them to assist you in zeroing in on your ancestors.  I have been to this genealogical society twice and both times it was a very positive experience.  Go here to read about my 2nd visit:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. - "Hardin County - Kenton, Ohio, August 24, 2011 post. Or go directly to their website: