Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow Co., Ohio a few more stones...

Here are some more tombstones that were close to the Kellers in the cemetery

Vandella I. Askins, May 15, 1855 to Feb 19, 1877, Iva and Leander H.
For more detail go here.

Amos Askins 1824 to May 11, 1875 the rest is difficult to read
and Sara 1829 to Feb. 3, 1889.  Go to the above link for more information.

Harold Morgan Keaton PVT US Army Korea
Sep 30, 1927 to Nov 19, 2007

KEATON - Blessed with children, George William, Cindy Marie,
John Evert

Harold M. Sept 30, 1927 to Nov. 19, 2004
Dec. 7, 1952
Lois M. June 7, 1933
Note:  I think this is the other side of the above stone.

Emery E. Askins 1870 to 1956
Ida B. 1872 to 1957

This concludes my photos for the Bloomfield Cemetery.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Bloomfield Cemetery in South Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County - Surname Messinger and Gibbons

While at the Bloomfield Cemetery, I helped a cousin by taking pictures of some tombstones of the surname Messinger. These stones were in the front of the cemetery near the road.  These stones are part of a puzzle that several cousins were trying to figure out regarding a Mary Goss and Lemuel Gibbons.  Mary Goss is a sister to my Solomon Goss.  I refer you to my blog about this man by pointing to the panel on the right side of this blog for the link.  I have not yet launched into discussing Solomon's ancestors but soon after I finish the Kellers and Spracklins.

You can learn more at Find A Grave under the Bloomfield Cemetery under the name Gibbons. 

Bloomfield Cemetery Sign and road out front

Gibbons and Messinger tombstones in the center front area.
Pamela Norton, w/o of Isaac Norton, d. April 25, 1852 Age 70 y 10 m 20 d.

Betsey Messinger, w/o Wm. Messenger, d. Aug. 11, 1852 age 49 y.

William H. Messinger, b. June 5, 1808 d, May 11, 1889. 

The row of Messinger and Gibbons stones William, Betsey Messinger then Pamela Norton
These two stones are unclear as to the relationship to the above if any.
This stone was to the left of the others and unreadable.

Farther to the left - Mary J. Churchill, dau B & NM Churchill, d. June 20, 1836

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Bloomsfield Cemetery, Morrow Co., Ohio continued...

There are other Keller tombstones in this cemetery.  These were closer to the entrance. 
Keller:  Francis C. Oct. 4, 1930 (Wed April 19, 1955) Naomi R. Feb. 8, 1937

Chester H. 1910 to 1980 and Maxine 1912 to 1998

Brenda L. 1946 & Daniel L. 1943
Nancy Jean Keller 1945 to 1952
Beloved Daughter Jenna Leigh Keller Jan. 8, 1997 to April 15, 2002
Elton Richard Keller 1920 to 1922
Patricia Ann Keller Mar. 25, 1956

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Bloomfield Cemetery - Henry Keller Family!

The Bloomfield Cemetery has many Keller tombstones.  I am currently posting about the Keller family on my blog:  Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio.  I am posting about the descendants of John and Mary (Delano) Keller on that blog.

We start with a younger brother of my second great grandmother Elizabeth Keller Spracklin who married Daniel D. Spracklin and they moved to Iowa.  I will post about Henry and his family in a future post on the Solomon blog.

I found these tombstones on the right side as you face the cemetery and a little ways up on the hill.  Others were closer to the front of the cemetery in the same area on the right side over toward the empty part of the cemetery, probably the south side of the cemetery.

Henry Keller 1849 to 1909
Martha Kees His Wife 1851 to 1927

Here I am next to their stone.
Here you see the Henry & Martha stone and others next to it. 
This stone is on the right of Henry and Martha Keller's stone.  This is their son and his wife.

Grace O. 1876 to 1946 and William C.  1873 to 1966
This stone is a son of William C. Keller and Grace O. Robertson. It is on the left of Henry & Martha's stone.
E. Josephine, 1898 to 1962 and Walter 1895 to 1970

The back side of the tombstones for Henry & Martha and others
At this point these are the family connections that I know about.  There are other Keller's in this cemetery and I will share their stones in the next post.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio

Bloomfield Cemetery is located southwest of Sparta, Ohio. Take Hwy 229 to Sparta turn left onto Hwy 656 and go south till you get to Rich Hill Bloomfield Road and turn left.  As I recall I blew right past the turn on to the Rich Hill Road and had to go back.  It happens and is part of the search.  This cemetery is very large so it is wise to obtain a book:  Morrow County Genealogical Society Cemetery books Vol. 5 pages 190 starting on page 182.  The society website has cemetery information:

Bloomfield Cemetery between 656 and 199...
The sign and entrance
The Rules and Regulations for Bloomfield Cemetery
Bloomfield overview

more Bloomfield overview

Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow County, Ohio
Find A Grave has a listing for this cemetery which is 91% photographed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - A Study of Franklin, Knox and Morrow Counties, Ohio Cemeteries - In search of the Keller Surname

In 2011 when I traveled to Ohio, I did a very deep search of the cemeteries in Franklin, Knox and Morrow County, Ohio.  Actually, I searched Knox thoroughly, did the northern part of Franklin for the Delano family and other areas for Kellers and the areas around South Bloomfield Twp., in Morrow County.

I now regret not extending my search to northern Morrow County in North Bloomfield Twp., Richland and Crawford County, Ohio.  As I have been writing posts and sharing my research on the children of my 3rd great grandparents John and Mary (Delano) Keller I have learned that the children migrated to these counties to the north. I refer you to my blog: Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp. in Ohio for more details, see side panel of this blog.

My goal was to see if I could find Delano and Keller burials. I was looking for where the siblings of my 2nd great grandmother Elizabeth (Keller) Spracklin finally came to rest.  I was also looking for clues to John Keller origins.

This study took me to several cemeteries in my travels, not to mention researching at various archives in Ohio such as the Ohio Historical Society, the Ohio Genealogical Society in Bellville, the Columbus Metropolitan Library, the Morrow and Knox County Genealogical Societies and the wonderful public library in Mt. Vernon.  I studied cemetery books, newspaper abstract books and newspapers on microfilm.

I have posted on this blog for the Hedding M.E. Cemetery in South Bloomfield so see my posts dated March 11 and March 25, 2014.  This cemetery is in Morrow County, Ohio. In this cemetery we have John, Mary, Peter and William Franklin and Ida Keller.

Hedding M.E. Cemetery, Morrow Co., Ohio

The Kempton Cemetery is located in Franklin Co., Ohio and I posted about it on April 22, 2014. I was looking for Delano's and Oliver is suppose to be buried there.

In my post dated May 6, 2014, I share about my visit to the Dunkirk Cemetery in Hardin County, Ohio where Caroline (Keller) Van Houten and her family are buried.  Caroline is the daughter of John and Mary Keller.

Dunkirk Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio
So at this point I have found the tombstones of Peter, Frank and Caroline all Keller children.

In Mount Vernon I visited the Mound Cemetery looking for Kellers and Delanos.  I share about my visit to that cemetery in the post dated April 13, 2014 titled "Columbus and Cornelius Delano of Ohio and Other Delano Family..." on my Solomon Goss Blog, see right panel of this blog.

I did not share about Kellers buried in Mound Cemetery in Mt. Vernon so in a following post I will review my visit to that amazing cemetery.

I also visited the Bloomfield Cemetery, south of Sparta, in Morrow County, Ohio and found Henry Keller and his family a son of John and Mary Keller.  I also made other discoveries that go back in time on the Goss side.  I will share my findings in the next post.  Just a word of caution, do not get Bloomfield Cemetery in South Bloomfield mixed us with Bloomingrove Cemetery in North Bloomfield Twp., Morrow County, Ohio.

Bloomfield Cemetery in Morrow Co., Ohio
I then visited the following cemeteries to see what the Keller stones would tell me and I will post about my visit in the future.

  • Maple Grove Cemetery in Chesterville, Morrow Co., Ohio and found a couple Kellers.  
  • Oak Grove Cemetery, Gambier, Knox County, Ohio
  • Owl Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Knox County, Ohio - Ankenytown, Ohio
  • Forest Cemetery, Knox County, Ohio in Fredericktown, Knox County, Ohio
  • Rivercliff Cemetery in Mt. Gilead, Morrow County, Ohio
Here is a map with the approximate location of the cemeteries I visited in 2011 in Knox and Morrow County.  I do have to realize that I only had so much time so at least I around to these.  

Cemetery Study Ohio 2011
I use Find A Grave, Internment, the Tombstone Project and other things like Google Images, maps and more to pin down a cemetery location and figure out who is buried there. I think it is one of my favorite things to do.   

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Dunkirk Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio

On my big trip to Ohio in August and September of 2011, I was trying to dig deep into the Keller line of my family.  John Keller my third great grandfather's parentage has been a mystery and has baffled us all.  He married Mary Anne Delano on 15 March 1831 in Fredericktown, Knox Co., Ohio.  Mary's family has lineage back to Phillip Delano who came to Plymouth on the vessel "Fortune."  There daughter Elizabeth Keller married Daniel D. Spracklin a son of John Andrews Spracklin and Lydia Goss.

This Delano connection has been a focus of my blog postings on the blog Solomon Goss of Fearing Twp., in Ohio who is the father of Lydia Goss.

The very accomplished genealogists encourage studying all the relatives to find clues to the origins of others. So, I have tried to dig further into the lives of John and Mary's children to see if one of them will give me a clue to their father's past.

Daniel and Elizabeth wrote a letter home and Caroline was featured in that letter. Elizabeth was congratulating her about her impending marriage.  "Daniel & Elizabeth's Letter to Home," November 19, 2011 on my The Barclays of Pine River blog features this letter.

This letter motivated me to go in search of Caroline and what happened to her.  I found her final resting place in the Dunkirk Cemetery in Hardin County, Ohio.

Caroline Keller married Joseph H. Van Houten on 1 December 1857 in So. Bloomfield, Morrow Co., Ohio. They appear in the 1870 U.S. Federal Census in Sandusky Twp., Richland, Ohio and by 1900 they are in Washington Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio. I will be going in more depth on her family on the Solomon Goss blog soon.

I found them by studying the book:  Hardin County, Ohio Death Index 1867-1908, by the Hardin County Genealogical Society, 1998.  
pg. 172 Vanhouten, Caroline, F, 6, 2, 1902 61 y 7m 28d, Hardin Co., Vol. 3, pg. 212; Vanhouten, J.C. May 8, 1883, 24y 2m 12d Hardin Co. Vol. 2, pg. 157.  VanHouten, Joseph Sr. M. Jan 30, 1903 69y 28d, Hardin Co., Vol. 3, pg. 213. 

I found another book at the Mary Lou Johnson Hardin County District Library in Kenton that was a indexing of the actual cemetery and on page 83 the family was listed. "Dunkirk Cemetery, Kenton, Ohio, Hardin Co. Genealogical society 2004."
  • Van Houten, Anna M. 2/13/1867 to 2/16/1950 D1, M-V-p.309
  • Van Houten, Joseph Jr. 1863 to 3/31/1939 D2
  • Van Houten, Maggie 1868 to 10/11/1946 D2
  • Van Houten, Wilbur B. 1865 to 1953 D1
  • Van Houten, Caroline 11/04/1841 to 6/2/1902 Old 51
  • Van Houten, Joseph h. 1/02/1834 to 1/29/1903, Old, 51 (VI-p.174)
Find A Grave has Dunkirk listed but it is only 60% completed and these tombstones are not listed at this time.    Update:  I am incorrect, this family is at Find A Grave in the Dunkirk listing but the name is VanHouten without a space between the n and H.  There are seven VanHouten's listed including Anna Marian Morton and a Reams.  On Caroline's page there is a link to Mary Alice VanHouten Ream at Woodlawn Cemetery.  Very nicely done. 

Dunkirk Cemetery is not small and it was important for me to narrow down where they were located in the cemetery and this book has a map.  They are in D 1, D 2 and the old section which is in the northeastern corner.  The family members are not far from each other.

Dunkirk Cemetery is not too hard to find.  If you are in Kenton, Ohio just go north on State Rte #68. It is 10 miles and about 12 minutes.  You will see it coming up on the left.  The entrance is visible.

Dunkirk Cemetery, Dunkirk, Hardin Co., Ohio

The sun was causing shadows and a little mist, a very nice cemetery.

Another overview of Dunkirk

Wilbur B. 1865-1953 and Anna M. 1867 to 1950.
Joseph H. Jr., 1863 to 1939 and Maggie 1868-1940
These two men above were sons of the couple below. Caroline and Joseph had 5 children: John Charles 1858-1883, Joseph W., Wilbur, Mary Alice and Laura E.
Caroline and Joseph's Tombstone in Dunkirk Cemetery, Hardin Co., Ohio

Here I am visiting Caroline and Joseph in Dunkirk Cemetery. 

The lighting was tough and so I have tried to get closer:
Joseph H. Van Houten, Jan. 2, 1834 to Jan. 29, 1903 (Co. E121___)
Caroline his wife Nov 4, 1841 to June 2, 1902. 
Joseph was in the Civil War and there is a pension card for him at Ancestry in the US Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files 1861-1934.  Date of filing 1879 Dec 8, E 121 Ohio Inf., 34 Co. 2 Battln, VR6. App#326857 and Certificate 30454.

Genealogybank and do not have great coverage for northeastern Ohio at this time.  So I was unable to locate anything of interest except Joseph's pension was reinstated.  So some more obituary research would be a good thing.  I am also interested in descendants of these families.

Sometimes you just feel happy when you go and spend time with an ancestor even if it was just a short time. Caroline would have been a 2nd great grand aunt to me.